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Thank you, you are the best of the best
I receive exactly what I ordered and it works perfectly

Carl Emmanuel Azor
Dec 02, 2022

Thank you for fulfilling my order. The screen was my first replacement attempt. Worked like a charm! Also thanks to youtube. Best $100+ I've spent in a while.


Tony L.
Oct 25, 2022

Received the new screen very quickly. Screen was very high quality (looks better than the original!) and it was easy to install with the tools I purchased also through this site.

I would highly recommend screencountry.com to anyone who needs to replace broken laptop screens. You don't need to toss a $1,000 laptop just because you stepped on the screen! It only took me 20 minutes to do the full replacement.

Thank you Screencountry!

Jason Baumgartner
Apr 08, 2022

You guys are awesome - your website navigated me to the specific product I needed,  I did a home install and it worked perfectly first time.  The price + delivery was the same as for local resellers who had no stock on hand. Your projected delivery dates were spot on from half way round the world - and more accurate that some delivery dates I have been given within my own country.  I wish all online resellers were as good as you.  Thanks !!

Andrew Cameron
Nov 09, 2021

Thank you for you prompt service on my replacement screen.
I had to replace the screen because of sticky goo that was leaking out of the bezel.

Thanks again for you quick and accurate service.


Steve M
July 21, 2021

Well what can I say! You Guys Rock! Awesome product works 100% no dead pixel that's a plus, smooth transaction a really good packaging and Fast Shipping. will do business again with this company. Quality you can Trust!  

Thank You and More Power!!!

MAHALO!!! and ALOHA!!!! :)

JeremyJones Magpantay
Mar 29, 2021

Hi ive ordered a couple screens from you guys and been so very happy with every aspect from customer service to delivery time to the product itself. You guys are great.

Daniel Teixeira
Jan 12, 2021


screen works great so far. got it in nigeria today, fixed it and its great!!!!!!!!!

johnson adepegba
Dec 10, 2020

The screen arrived on Sat, 10/3. Thanks for the extra packing. I got it installed and it works great. I have no more flickering on battery power!

Bennett Wallace
Oct 04, 2020


thank you for super fast shipping!

Shai Golzarpoor
Aug 28, 2020

Great Screen!

Shai Golzarpoor
Aug 11, 2020

You guys are AMAZING!! Quality product it arrived super fast and when i had to change the shipping address you guys responded and fixed it in no time. 5⭐️s

Daniel Teixeira
July 23, 2020

This new glossy screen for my Acer Aspire 5 is beautiful.
The original screen was matte, however I chose this one and I love
how it looks so much better than my original screen.
I appreciate your help and service in getting this screen replaced at a very reasonable cost.

Robby Clark
June 24, 2020

100% GREAT and quality screen!

Shai Golzarpoor
June 06, 2020

Hello, sorry for the delay in the feedback. I would like to thank you for sending the product, it arrived in perfect condition and is already installed.
Thank you!
Erik Leonardo from Brazil.

Erik Magalhães Erik
May 10, 2020

Thank you for providing me with a replacement screen for my laptop. Invoice #1587235730. It fit perfectly and I am very pleased with your service. I will definitely go to you for screen replacement and recommend to others. Great customer service. Thank you. Martin

Martin G Schaaf
Apr 25, 2020

Great fit and a great picture super fast shipping!! That's why I keep returning to get my screens.  

lyndell smith
Mar 13, 2020

OMG that was the best transaction and the easiest thing I ever did. I watched your video and   11 minutes later ( would have been shorter but i needed to fix a cup of coffee to get my guts up) my lap top was fixed. thank for ease of navigating your sight to get the correct screen

Olga Adler
Feb 11, 2020

We had a broken 1366x768 panel in a HP 250 G5 Laptop. I noticed you had that panel as well as a FHD panel available.  After some research in the HP maintenance and service guide, I took a chance that I could replace a 1366x768 panel with a 1920x1080 panel.  We did have to remove the video driver after the change, but when it reinstalled it works perfectly in 1920x1080.  Just some info that I thought might assist the next guy.

Russel Miles
Jan 13, 2020

I have ordered approximately 50 screens from you. Thank you very much for being my go to company for screens.

Lee Garvin
Dec 07, 2019

Fastest shipping we have had yet!
Would recommend setting Gatwick as the default shipping location for Australian customers
Thanks guys :)

Jason Chard
Nov 19, 2019

Part worked as expected. Initially upon installation I noticed the display wasn't going to full brightness even though I had the settings turned up 100%. Then after reading your troubleshooting guides about disconnecting the battery to reset the video card to recognize the new display it came to full brightness and my son is happy with his fixed laptop.  

Thank you again.

Paul Petko.

Paul Petko
June 16, 2019

Got the screen super fast and it works great

Elmer Berg
Apr 04, 2019

I just want to say how pleased I am with your service. If I ever need another screen I know where to come.


Ted Reynolds
Mar 30, 2019

Super fast shipping. Easy install. Works great. Thanks!

Oct 27, 2018

I was very sceptical on using screen country as I have not really heard anything about them. Well to my surprise they were OUTSTANDING to deal with.
I purchased 1 screen from them and it was shipped to my door step within 48 hours upon my purchase.
I haven't installed the screen yet but I was so impressed with the speed of the delivery I just had to share my thoughts.
Great job Screen Country!

Chris Cunningham
May 19, 2016

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will surely be recommending you guys to anyone I know that needs computer screens! Much appreciated customer service and very fast and quick responses for everything I needed. Again thank you for all your efforts and troubles

Apr 21, 2016

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with your company and service. Website Excellent, Communication Excellent, Shipping Excellent, Product supplied perfect!!
Very happy with everything. I will be recommending you!

Sam Vye
Sept 24, 2015

Thank You ScreenCountry.com I couldnt be happier with my purchase. The screen was actually an upgrade for me on a lenovo g50-80 with the information contained in the site and a quick chat with your staff I was able to determine relatively quickly upgrade... i am writing this message from my laptop which is already upgraded and the screen looks fantastic... quite a bit better than what I replaced..
I will not hesitate to recommend screencountry.com to anyone..

Thanks Again!!

Gerald Brown

Gerald Brown
Aug 21, 2015

Hi. I ordered a screen for my Sony vaio vpcec25fd
And I'd likes to say your service and quality is amazing. Thank you.

Unfortunately the screen when connected, did work. My current screen has no back light so I can't see much but make out things when the computer turns on. However when I plug the new screen in and turn it on, I get nothing. Not even a glimpse that it's powering on correctly.

Could I please get assistance of getting another one and return this.
I orders the full HD screen. My current one is HD + could that be an the problem....? Even though this full HD is listed as compatible?

Again service is great.

Thank you.


Amrit Malhi
Apr 03, 2015

Ordered Laptop screen works great speedy service very pleased.

  Thanks!!! Vincent Atlanta GA

Feb 26, 2015

Took my laptop to Future Shop to see if my warranty covers physical damage to my laptop screen. Unfortunately it did not. I was told that it would cost 350$ to get it fixed or they will give me a great deal on a new lap top. That was last Tuesday, Dec 16 2014.
In the evening that day I ordered new screen from Screencountry.com for about 100$ including taxes and shipping. Received the screen today Friday Dec 19 at 12:00. Took me 10 minutes to remove damaged screen, took me another 14 min to install the new one. Turned my laptop on and everything worked perfect.
Thank you so much for helping me save 250$. You guys made it to my recommend list.

Mitch Ostanski
Dec 19, 2014

I'd like to thank you. I've just received my order 1411495354 and installed at my laptop. Right now, I'm writing this e-mail looking at my new screen. And I can say theres no difference beetween them.

Best regards.

Marcelo Cardoso
Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Marcelo Cardoso
Sept 29, 2014

Just wanted to say the new look on the website is good, and really like the addition of it giving me the order number at the end of an order. That speeds up my ordering process and i say thank you.

John Miller
Aug 04, 2014

got the screen fast... it was the right screen... GREAT JOB!!!   Great doing business with you....

ko win
July 17, 2014

thank you for a very good product, an easy web site to use and quick shipment. I recommend you very highly.

Ko win
July 17, 2014

I love my screen. I am grateful my friend told me about this site. I will continue to spread the word. The price is just right.

July 06, 2014

I would like to know if it is possible to switch my email address on file? I am having difficulty logging in to my account you have on file in order to receive the confirmations and shipping details. Even if this changes my login info, it would be great.
The new email address/login I would like to have attached to this account is [email protected] to replace the [email protected]

Thank you for your assistance.


Vicente Mariscal

Vicente Mariscal
June 30, 2014

This is my fourth screen purchase and every time I have had no problems with any screen that I have ordered. Perfect selection and is exact easy to install. If you want a screen at a good price I would advise you to come on over to screen country. They are true to their product.

Anita Rayner
May 06, 2014

Once again (4 times) our household has been saved by Screen Country.
This time it was our daughters screen that broke. Quick order, quick delivery, easy install while using their how to video's. Thanks Screen Country.
Son 3 Daughter 1......

Mike Peddle
Mar 09, 2014

Thank You again for another good quality screen, its nice to have parts that fit and work properly right out of the box !!!
Keep up the good work !

Colin Mullings
Jan 23, 2014

I received my screen this morning and put it on right away!

It was quick easy and so not worth $200 dollars (that's what I was being charged for just labor at some places.)

anywho, i love my screen !

p.s. make sure you have a small screw driver because the screws are tiny!

Jan 18, 2014

Hi just wanted to thank you for a very good product, an easy web site to use and quick shipment. I recommend you very highly. sincerely Mike

Mike Korger
Dec 29, 2013

Great service 100 percent

Mario yiannoulou
Dec 13, 2013

Thanks so much I got excactly what I ordered and shipped ASAP thanks again screen country made replacing a screen easy!

Dec 12, 2013

I just wanted to say that I received the screen yesterday from order #138******.  I installed and tested it this morning and it works perfectly.  My wife will be very appreciative come Christmas morning when she sees that I fixed her laptop, thanks to you guys.  

Merry Christmas and again thank you for a working screen.

Shawn Brawley
Dec 10, 2013

Hi there,

I just wanted to say thank you, you have made me very,very, very happy.  My screen on order number #1386041501 has arrived and  am extremely pleased.  You stated when I would expect my order and I was shocked to find that my screen had arrived as you stated.  It doesn't happen vey often when ordering from different companies on line.  I will always be a customer of yours.  You don't know how happy you have made me, thank you oh so much.  The screen worked great.

Please once again accept my thanks and appreciation.  Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas and the very best of the New Year.

John Whalen
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada  

Whitney Pier Market (Omni Foods) Joan
Dec 06, 2013

Amazing service. Ordered on a Friday and the screen was delivered on the following Monday. Screen quality and fitment was of perfect quality.

Sarj S
Nov 25, 2013

Fast service and great screens. My laptop was up and running in no time. Thanks

Robert Guilbault
Nov 12, 2013

I found this site very helpful. I jad troible finding my screen but with a quick email I was immidiatly helped. It saved me from buying a new laptop

Victoria Carlson
Nov 10, 2013

I ordered my screen on Wed and,it arrived on Sat!!! Loved the how to videos too! Will recommend this site to everyone I know! Great job!

Oct 07, 2013

order number 1379600240

Wanted to thank you all.  Great service, next day delivery.
Perfect fit, simple to install.

Excellent service.


Sept 20, 2013

Excellent repsonse & dely time.  Most proficient in their handling my my laptop screen order.  Would recommend them to both friends and colleagues.

Bob Smither
Sept 04, 2013

Great service. Fast and accaccurate.tnx

Max Almulla
Aug 29, 2013

thanks for the great service,not expensive,local company wanted $200 for replacement screen for my acer 17 laptop got it here for $102 shipping included.will recommend.

chris f
Aug 09, 2013

Wow!! I was a little apprehensive at first. Worried about ordering on-line with a company I knew nothing about before. But after a question about my particular application was answered within an hour, I decided to go ahead and order. I had my order in before the 1pm PST cutoff and it shipped the same day.  My order arrived on time (2 days) and in perfect brand new condition. I had my old broken screen out and the new one installed in about 20 minutes. The manufacturer wanted to charge me $280 to replace my screen and I paid $100 for the screen shipped to my door and my laptop fixed in less than an half hour. Awesome!

Sincerely, one very satisfied first time (and repeat) customer.

David Kammann
Aug 08, 2013

thank you for the great sustomer service.....appreciate your willingness to help customers in possitive manner. Susan Morrow, CreekPointe Computers,Greenville, SC

July 22, 2013

super fast shipping!!! great product!!!! very easy to serch for screen!!!

July 21, 2013

Best price I found online. will definitely recommend and buy from again.

June 19, 2013

Thank you!!! My daughter's laptop was only 6 months old when she broke the screen.  I ordered the new screen on Friday May 31 st, shipped that day and it arrived and I installed it on Tuesday June 4th.  Simple, easy and cheaper than sending it for repairs.  Cost only $93.00 USD with two day shipping..and the do it yourself instructional videos are very helpful.  Life saver.

wes perry
June 04, 2013

Thanks for the quick delivery.  Your service was great!  My order (LCD screen for laptop.) fit like a glove.  Excellent work!


John Riesberry
May 30, 2013

Thank you your site was very helpful I was able to find the right screen and fast delivery I ordered two and they both work great. Keep up the great work.

May 15, 2013

Got my screen for HP G71 -304 us....

Just like to say Thank You...    got the screen fast... it was the right screen... GREAT JOB!!!   Great doing business with you.... my computer is well again..Yea!!

order number 1368143154

Curtis Andrews
May 15, 2013

Good day, I have had excellent service from you and have recommended your site to alot of people. I am looking for a replacement screen for my Samsung Galaxy S2i9100, for the last few weeks there has been none available and am wondering when you can expect to get some.

Bruce Layden
Mar 26, 2013

Fast delivery, excellent quality and price for my IBM Lenovo 520 replacement screen. Easily installed myself.
Thank you

Neil Palmer
Mar 05, 2013

I just want to say thank you i ordered a screen for my computer it fit perfect and works great saved me alot of money

Bruce Waryas
Feb 21, 2013

Hi there
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the video on you tube that shows how to change the screen on the Acer Aspire One.

I watched it several times and managed to change the screen on my Acer which had sat unused for well over a year.

Thanks again and all the very best


Feb 03, 2013

Just wantd to say thanks It has been about 2 years since I used your service but I think about it every time I use my computer............your product identification is easy to use your shipping is good.....and I recommend you to any one who needs a screen.....most computer shops dont have screens....thanks Tim

Timothy Mason
Jan 18, 2013

Just to say you guys are great. Prices and shipping are great too. Thank you.
I will be doing more busness with you once again thank you.

Joseph Campanella
Jan 05, 2013

Just a quick note to say, "Wow, you guys are GOOD!"  I just placed my order and already it is steaming (okay, jetting or trucking) toward me.  Fantastic!  I just thought you guys might want a little positive feedback once in a while.  

Can't wait to get the screen, thanks so much for all your help so far, you guys have been great.


James Davis

James Davis
Dec 04, 2012

Just wanted to thank you for processing my order. After 3 attempts from 2 other companies you are the only one that sent me the right LCD on the first try. I installed it in 30 minutes and it worked perfectly. Thanks Again! I will use you company next time first when I need any LCD's.

Happy Holidays,
  Curtis Campbell One Satisfied Customer

Curtis Campbell
Nov 21, 2012

received my a1229 lcd today and installed and working flawlessly.excellent service and price.would highly recommend your site to others.thanks a million.

gareth devoy
Nov 12, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that we received the screen on order. It is installed and is working fine. Thank you for the excellent service.

McKenzie Roberts
Nov 12, 2012

I ordered an LCD screen (10.1-inch widescreen) for a Gateway LT28 netbook. It arrived very quickly, and I just installed it today. Works great! Just wanted to say thanks for making my day.

Nov 10, 2012

To whom it may concern:

I have to tell you what a pleasure it was dealing with you on the screen that I bought, it was fast and easy. I was a little skeptic at firet but your prices made me take a chance and I'm glad for it. Shipping was super fast. Overall, I am quite happy with the transaction and will not hesitate to deal with you again. (hopefully I will never have to.)

Brian Bojin
Nov 06, 2012

Would like to say, used this website for the first time and the navigation was simple the layout was user friendly and the shipping was faster than expected.  The screen went in with no effort, and the quality was even better then the factory LCD Screen.

I would and have used this site again within a week of my last order.

Thank you.

Oct 30, 2012

Hello :)

Just a quick note to let you know the 13.3in MacBook screen went in without a hitch! Your service is 5 star and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for a quality product and outstanding service.

Bob Yake

Bob Yake
Oct 26, 2012

Outstanding service, the menus and navigation make it easy for anyone with the knowledge of what they need to find what they need. The shipping took two days as said and it only took a matter of 30 minutes to install the new screen! If I have a screen problem in the future I will defintely be using screen country again.

Oct 23, 2012

Super Fast Processing and Shipping.  New Screen Works Great!  Thank You So Much!!

Peter Brandt
Oct 17, 2012

Good company to deal with.  Quick service and helpful. Would not hesitate to order from again. Good job everyone at Screen Country!

Guy Tessier
Sept 25, 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys with great service and great product, for the first time I see what is promise is being delivered.
The part was correct and delivered at the time was promise I did not have to after it.
Thank you nice dealing with you guys.

Farzin Key
Sept 10, 2012

I just wanted to say that the customer service is outstanding.  I ordered the wrong screen and was helped (without feeling like an idiot)and was shipped the correct screen and installed it.  Great product, reasonable price, and fast shipment.  Will definetly do buisness again.

Shane Panto
Sept 09, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that my replacement screen worked great and will be using your services again. The speed in which the part was processed and shipped was great. The video of how to r/r the part was spot on.
Thank again,

Benny Nava
Sept 08, 2012

Just wanted to say you guys are amazing! Got my screen 1 day after it was ordered, and it was easy to install with the online tutorials! Highly recommended!

Alicia Ng
Sept 06, 2012

I have ordered from you 3 times in the past year. Needless to say, your service is excellent. Your support staff are always prompt and I always get a genuine product at a fair price and from a company in Canada. Thank you ScreenCountry. I am now a lifetime customer.

Brendan Clouthier
Aug 29, 2012

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so impressed with the promptness of the delivery. I cannot be without a computer due to all this homework for college...I ordered my laptop screen on a Monday afternoon and I received it Wednesday afternoon.
And...to install, it was as easy as 1,2,3... Very please with the service! Hope I don't have to replace my screen anytime soon but if I did, this is where I'd buy it from and will tell all of the people to do the same!

P.S. A certain store I went to for help was going to charge me $600. to replace it or they suggested I buy a new laptop. (How disappointing!!!)
Anyways...so glad I found this website!!!!

Thanks a bunches:)

Linda Gomez
Aug 08, 2012

The screen came, i installed it and it works great! Good quality and fast shipping! Thanks! :D

Ali Ahmad
Aug 06, 2012

I am, by no means, a computer repair specialist. I thought I was going to have problems putting the screen in, but it was so EASY! Thankyou so much. You guys don't know how thrilled I am about saving so much money and my computer. I just put it in when UPS dropped it off a lil under 30 mins ago and my computer is as good as new! The screen is of excellent quality! Great shipping time! Ya'll have a wonderful thing going here! Thanks again!!

April Tyner
Aug 02, 2012

I would like to say thank you so much to screen country company. I was happy with my laptop screen replaced the new one and it worked before my online- class would start on next week. They provided many services as quick shipping,pick the right one and cheaper price beside they show us how to replace the old one.I never knew that much about computer but i fixed it myself.

kathy nguyen
June 13, 2012

thank's ,your service was the best

niloofar nik varz nemati
May 29, 2012

Wow.. Really impressive service. Extremely fast shipping and product was flawless. I absolutely will come back next time I need a screen. Thanks again.

Kirk D Bowlby
May 25, 2012

I am so happy with my choice of vendor. My screen got here in two days and I put it into may laptop in less than 15 minutes. Although I have no hard disc in it right now I did turn the laptop on to find that the BIOS screen came in crystal clear. If you are skeptical like me and worried about any or all things, then you do not have to worry. I give ScreenCountry an A+.  

Thanks guys!!!

Jason Whitehead
May 24, 2012

My daughter dropped her Acer 5741-6073 laptop (from Staples) and damaged the screen.  Staples wanted $387 to ship it back for repairs - no wonder they can charge $150 for those accident warranties.  I went searching and found ScreenCountry, and for less than $80 (including shipping), about 15 minutes of my time, less than four days from order to completion and the laptop is back as good as new.  And best, I was able to replace the glossy screen with a much better matte finish.  You guys are now a permanent bookmark for myself and the 50 people I work with.  Thank you!

Steven Michael
May 14, 2012

You guys ROCK !!!!!!
I ordered my screen and it was here in 2 days !!!!
I slapped that puppy in and....... AWESOME !!!
You web site is completely informative, your selection is endless and your service
is second to none.
Jeffrey Roso

Jeffrey Roso
May 03, 2012

Top quality service. Very fast delivery.
Just got my new display today. Around 10 minutes to install. My PC is working again.
Regards from Belgium

Gerard NEU
May 02, 2012

Very fast shipping, screen fits and looks perfect!! It looks brand new. Ordered on Sunday and was delivered Wednesday! Thank you so much!!!

Apr 25, 2012

Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the excellent product and fast service. I bought a replacement screen from you after first finding your Youtube video on how to replace the screen on a Toshiba C655D-S5300. Good way to market! I had to replace the screen that I believe was defective when I bought the laptop for my daughter for Christmas and Toshiba refused to fix it ( http://patentlystupid.com/node/48162 ). Thanks to your affordable parts my kid will get her laptop back in working condition. You have earned my word of mouth advertising for screens! With 18+ years of IT experience I have a few ears to bend.

Thanks again!

Richard Ahlquist
Apr 10, 2012

Amazing service!
Got the shipment only a week after I made the payment.
Screen's are in perfect condition, and I'm already making a new order.

Thank's screencountry!

Leticia Moran
Apr 04, 2012

To whom it may concern,

A website/business that can process an order promptly, without question with a user friendly interface is a rare commodity. We need more e-stores like this to give the web a better name! Good luck to you and your future endeavors!


Nathan Henry
Mar 30, 2012

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU! ive been looking online and Ebay for a screen for my laptop. Local repair shops in Calgary were no help what so ever searching, quoting or advising. i came across your sight and it was so simple and easy to use. I found what i needed at a far better price and warrantee than anything else including Ebay. i ordered on a Sunday and recieved my screen on Tuesday morning as per order. Watching your clips on how to replace as well as links to youtube made swap extremely easy to do . you saved my patience and lap top. Again i say a big thanks and have posted your sight on my facebook page as well as told others that need screens about your price, service and shipping.


Ron Davis
Mar 27, 2012

Hi Screen Country,

I received my laptop screen on time and in excellent condition! It went into my son's laptop with ease in about 10 minutes. Thanks for such a great and needed service. I was estimated that it would cost $350.AU or more to have my son's screen fixed. Lol, then I found your products online and $96.AU later and undo a few screws... it's like new! Thank you, thank you, thank you Screen Country. Here's one Aussie family that's really happy with you guys!

Kind regards
Brett Ellis
Perth, Western Australia

Brett Ellis
Mar 25, 2012

Hi, I just want to let you know that the screen works great thank you!!

Mar 19, 2012

I just wanted to let you guys know that I've been dealing with Screen Country ever since I found you on the internet going on three years ago, while I was working as Service Manager at Alberta Computers. In the last three years, I have ordered dozens of replacement screens from you and I have been consistently pleased with your product.

Your screens always fit perfectly and the connectors always line up exactly with the cabling. I've never had a screen arrive that was dead or damaged.

More often than not, when I place your screen alongside the screen that I have just removed from the laptop, they are identical.

I have also found that you are very responsive to any e-mails that I send when I am having trouble finding a screen on your site and you have always found the screen that I needed within 24 hours.

I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future and have no problem recommending you to anyone who is looking for a dependable company who provide a consistent, superior product.

Thank you all very much.

Christopher Lester
IT Manager
CarGo West Ltd.

Christopher Lester
Mar 15, 2012

I just wanted to let you guys know that I've been dealing with Screen Country ever since I found you on the internet going on three years ago, while I was working as Service Manager at Alberta Computers. In the last three years, I have ordered dozens of replacement screens from you and I have been consistently pleased with your product.

Your screens always fit perfectly and the connectors always line up exactly with the cabling. I've never had a screen arrive that was dead or damaged.

More often than not, when I place your screen alongside the screen that I have just removed from the laptop, they are identical.

I have also found that you are very responsive to any e-mails that I send when I am having trouble finding a screen on your site and you have always found the screen that I needed within 24 hours.

I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future and have no problem recommending you to anyone who is looking for a dependable company who provide a consistent, superior product.

Thank you all very much.

Christopher Lester
IT Manager
CarGo West Ltd.

Christopher Lester
Mar 14, 2012

Great service!!! As a first time buyer of screencountry.com I was really impressed with the great support and the fast shipping options! Will defenitly buy again! Keep up the good work! Thank you!!!!

Mar 13, 2012

Hi there. I recently received my screen. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the service. The screen arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I shall definitely be recommending you!

Paul Desmond
Mar 13, 2012

The product I received was in excellent condition, and it works great. A+++++.

Joey Vokey
Mar 09, 2012

On January I ordered a screen for my dell xps 1640 and i am glad to say it is working really well. Furthermore I made a video of assembling it, but i still have not upload it in youtube! I was wondering if the offer of 50$ is still valid if i make that. Thank you!!

Martin Milev
Feb 27, 2012

You guys are awesome!!  I have ordered 5 screens in the last two months.  All the screens have come in a time manner, undamaged, and working perfectly!!  I would recommend you to the any one of my partners or clients!!  Everything from your follow-ups and follow-thrus have been executed perfectly!!  Thank you for having one of the best online services on the market!!

LaJuan Harris
Feb 15, 2012

Hello guys...Great news,everything work find today and I double check everything an the LED Screen turn on,so thanks a million and I'm going to post the video on youtube.com,cause I have an account with them.I'll be looking forword the make more bussiness with you guys...awesome

P.S. I will send the link of the video here.

arturo santos Guzman
Feb 15, 2012

Hello folks. My screen (order number 1329113177) arrived today, had it installed and the laptop back up and running in about 30 mins ... just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service and quality product !!! This was my first buy from you but it won't be the last, I'll be back !!! :0) Thanks again and have a wonderful day now !!!

Wayne Brown
Feb 15, 2012

Hello Screen Country,

I got the screen a week later as it was pretty quick coming from vancouver to Ottawa and I would like to thank you guys. The screen was in fine condition and you double bubble wrapped the LCD screen for a Toshiba a660. I'm just glad I was able to find you guys on google so quickly and save me around $200+ from doing the replacement at a shop!

Thank you,

Neal Kelly
Feb 14, 2012

Thank you so much!
I just bought a acer aspire screen off you, and i was super impressed how fast it got to my house (1day). The screen is awesome and thank you again.

Erich Stefani
Feb 08, 2012

not a question ,just wanted to thanks you for you fast and great  service on  1328311195 order # of a  toshiba nb500 mini lec/lcd screen ,got it today and all went well ,installed and works great thanks

jack burton
Feb 08, 2012

WOW! Im impressed with the whole process, was simple, quick, shipped with no hassle.  We spent two minutes installing our new screen, and saved us alot of $$ ordering through screen country.  All I can say is thank you thank you thank you!!! :)

Shelley Stewart
Feb 06, 2012

A quick testimonial. This is my 2nd time ordering from Screen Country. Their website is easy to navigate. They shipped promptly and I received my order in 2 days. The screens are good quality and priced right. I am completely satisfied and will continue to use them. I will also recommend them as a screen supplier.

Milton Davis
Feb 02, 2012

This company is great. Kudos on the fast, secured shipping and the delivery of the correct product. Another satisfied customer!~

J Davoren
Jan 22, 2012

I can not thank you enough. I was able to find you on the internet very easy just by googling computer screens.I called you close to your closing time. Your support person I talked to was very helpful. I was in such a panic since my 2 year old grandson broke the screen on my computer. This was my business computer, so I could not be without it. I had called up Best Buy and they said it would take 2 weeks and $200.00 to repair. I just was so upset. Then I found you. I watched the video, said to myself "I can do this".

I received my new screen when you said I would. I had installed the screen following your video going step by step. I even amazed myself.... I DID IT. I am back in business and didn't loose but a day's work. I guess I needed a day off anyway. I will certainly spread the word of your website. You guys are great. Thank you so much for being there.

Jacalyn Smith
Jan 14, 2012

Great company, great product. Will definatly recommend to others.

Chuck A
Jan 11, 2012

Hi Guys! I was pretty upset last week when my dell hit the floor and destroyed my screen.  My screen arrived today ( only 2 business days after ordering) and works great!! Very happy with my purchase. Thanks!

Patrick Ziemer
Jan 09, 2012

Hi! I just wanna say, Great work very fast delivery, it just took 2 days from you guys to Stockholm Sweden thats really good. Thanks again! i will recommend you to my friends.

peter nilsson
Jan 05, 2012

I needed a new laptop screen for my Acer (company wouldn't honor their warranty!). I watched the great videos and ordered my screen here, although I had never done computer tech work before. It could not have been easier, quicker or less expensive! i saved about $ 150 by doing the replacement myself! I highly recommend screencountry and going the self-repair route for a screen replacement!

Jan 05, 2012

Hi!  I wanted to thank you for an excellent website and excellent service.  I received my Sony screen in a very short amount of time, in spite of the fact that I had ordered just before the Christmas holidays.  The video that shows how to replace a screen was invaluable!!  Not only did it help me figure out which screen I needed to buy, but was essential to my re-installation.  Job well done!!!  I'll be sure to recommend your site whenever I can.  
Thank you so much!
Tracie Whyte
Oakville, ON, Canada

Tracie Whyte
Dec 29, 2011

Dear Screencountry

I would like to extend my gratitude for a quick and flawless service in regards to my purchase of a Dell LCD screen. Super fast delivery even though it was ordered during the holidays. It's working perfect and the price was very competitive.

I would recommend your site to anyone in need of this service.

I wish you all a happy newyear!

kind regards,

Marc Riesel
Dec 28, 2011

Got my screen real quick from ScreenCountry and it works just fine.  I had the delivery address changed for UPS delivery and they handled that perfectly.

Dave Williams
Dec 27, 2011

I want to thank everyone for a fantastic company. Processing was extremely fast and the screen came in on time! I didn't expect such a smooth & quick transaction coming from Canada to the US. The screen was the correct one fit for the laptop and fired right up! The quality of the screen was awesome and was even cheaper than ebay! Hands down looking to do business again in the future!!!

Tino Suteu
Dec 14, 2011

rec'd screen and it works great plus the shipping was very fast.

thank's Dave

Dave Dellow
Dec 09, 2011

You guys are absolutely amazing!  The screen replacement for our Son's laptop was a perfect fit and was shipped so fast!  Son cannot thank you enough for the great fast service.  He is very happy to have his laptop back!  Thank you!  Will be recommending you to friends and family.

Isabel Lappin
Dec 08, 2011

just want to say thanks for the fast service, i got my screen yesterday and put it in and it works great, also your information on your web page was better than the other pages i looked at it help out a lot thanks again.

stephen harnage
Dec 07, 2011

i just dropped the replacement screen into my asus 1101, and i have to say it fits perfectly and the matte screen is so much better! shipping was ultra quick as well,
pete seitz, switzerland

pete seitz
Nov 30, 2011

   You guys rock! Superfast shipping to Santa Monica,California. Screen intstalled in minutes. Great service! Will recommend you to anyone who needs a screen.

Melissa H
Nov 29, 2011

Thank you for the super fast shipment. The screen was exactly what I needed at a price that I could not beat. A great deal and I wouldn't hesitate to order from you again.
Thanks for the excellent service!

Order: 1321848854

Nov 29, 2011

im verry happy with your service.
the screen was delivered and installed.
it is working
thank you


fernando antunes
Nov 28, 2011

thank you for the very fast shipping and well priced screen looks great in my now working again laptop:)

robert blad
Nov 24, 2011

I just want to say that I've been trying to get a laptop screen from newegg.com and I've run into so many roadblocks with having a military overseas address, and paypal not working and so many other things.  I was about to give up and buy a new laptop, but then I found this website and I got my screen and it's being sent where I need it to go Correctly for once! I made an account for the first time, got my product, and can send it home, and I'm just sooo satisfied with this website and the ease of doing this.  I thank you guys SOOO much and I am VERY happy with this website and will use it and recommend it again for certain. :D

Allen Gerbermann
Nov 24, 2011

Thank you so much for your fast delivery and easy-to-navigate website and even easier do-it-yourself instructions. After searching online for a trustworthy website, I fell upon yours and began to trust your site more and more with each bit of information I read. I ordered my screen on Sunday afternoon and it arrived on Tuesday morning (this morning!) WOW! Annd you guys are in Vancouver!! Anyways, I have already recommended you to one of my workmates and I am sure she will be using your services very soon. I can not thank you enough for the great service you provide. Merci beaucoup!

Nov 08, 2011


Got my screen yesterday, installed it today and it works fine.

What should I do with my old display?

Thanks, will do business with you again.


Robert Lanane
Nov 04, 2011

you guys are Awesome price and delivery came just yesterday less than a week, looked at the video how to do it and prayed and took my time. my computer is looking great i can see my screen again without worries best part I SAVED $500.00 AND PLUS BY NOT SENDING IT BACK TO THE COMPANY THANK YOU BEST BELIEVE I AM STICKING WITH YOU GUY THANKS AGAIN

Richard Johnson
Nov 01, 2011

Thanks a bunch for the wonderful and fast service. The link for the install video was very good.  It is what inspired me to install my own screen. If I had not checked it out I would have taken it to a computer shop to be repaired for a fee. The price of the screen was great and the install @ no charge is a great boost of confidence.

Caroline Partridge
Oct 30, 2011

I just wanted to say THANK YOU very much. I will definately use you again and tell everyone about your business. I really appriciate the timely delivery and all the help. Again Thank you

Travis Wiley
Oct 27, 2011

Hello there.

I just wanted tosay thank you for the incredible service. I accidently broke my girlfriends screen, and ordered a new one from you right away. I ordered it monday morning, and it arrived wednesday afternoon. I installed it this morning, and it fit perfect, works perfect and the price wa great.

Thank you for the fantastic service!!!

Ryan G. Norder

Ryan G. Norder
Oct 27, 2011

Ordered screen on 10/18/11, it was delivered on 10/22/11.
The screen took all of 20 minutes to install, fit perfect and looks great.

Oct 26, 2011

I ordered a screen to my laptop. 2 days later the screen was delivered to my door. I live in Norway. How is it possible? I'm impressed!!

Oct 24, 2011

this to inform you that the order #1319102654 has been received. thanks for your attention. 100% feedback i as suprized by the super fast shipping. and the item was as advised.

best ragards
Raul Cordero

Oct 23, 2011

WOW....my ten year old broke his screen on his
HP G6 computer. Called HP wanted $355 to fix still had 260 days of warranty left but did not cover broken screen.  Google screen repair, found your site www.screencountry.com, Screen was around $60 plus $17 shipping...so I order it thinking I just wasted $80. Ordered place late Friday night, UPS delivered on Wednesday box was smashed but screen was ok!  Took me 20 minutes to install...WORKS GREAT!!!  Same Samsung screen that was in HP computer...I really want to say thank you after hanging up with HP, I almost tossed the computer out, THANK GOD I google your site!  THANKS, Craig

Oct 19, 2011

Received LCD screen for my TOSHIBA laptop.
Fast delivery.
Installed and everything work GREAT!
So I fixed my old laptop for a fraction of the price of the new one!

Oct 15, 2011

Ohhhh MAN this screen is awesome !!
and sooo cheap !
I went to a laptop store and they told me that it will cost me 220$
to fix it ! but here it cost me the screen + express shipping  = 90 $
130$ saving !!
thanks a lot for the great serves

Ahmad Abu Alsaud
Oct 04, 2011

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Perfect part, perfect
packaging, immediate shipping and great communication.
And on top of all that, a very reasonable price!  My highest
recommendation! And one more BIG THANKS!

Best regards,

Kathy Bentley
Oct 01, 2011

Juat wanted to say thanks. The screen you sent arrived in 2 business days, generously packed. You have saved me several hundreds of dollars, and the screen works perfectly. I have already recommended your site to my local computer shop and all my friends. Costumer service was fabulous. Thanks so much,
Rosemarie Le May

Rosemarie Le May
Sept 28, 2011

Wow. Thanks a lot for prompt shipping and reply. Please keep up the great work.

Sept 27, 2011

Hi ,,, I just wanted to drop a line and thank you all for  the great service ..recently I have ordered 2 different laptop screens from ya all up there in Canada … I had NO problems installing them and having them work  instantly ,,thanks to your instruction page ..also just to let you know you have the fairest price of all and your shipping was fast and on time …your warranty is excellent ….and I WILL  book mark you for sure ….

So again I say  thank you very much for your services   and hope to do more business with you in the future …

                                                                                                                             Larry Duff

Larry Duff
Sept 26, 2011

Fast delivery (even tho UPS had a delay), good quality screen, website with excellent  info (the video links are a big help!)and the lowest price I could find. You guys are the complete package. Business done right! Thanks

T Jones
Sept 13, 2011

I broke my laptop screen 17days before I bought a screen from screencountry.com, I didn’t know what to do because I loved this laptop. I called HP and to see how much it would cost to get my screen fix because I didn’t have accidental warranty. They said it will be $437.27 and I had to pay for the shipping. That was more than what I bought for the laptop. For that much I could go out and buy one that was better but I didn’t want to because I this is my favorite laptop and my first, Plus I didn’t have the money. So I was searching to see if it’s possible to find a screen I can put in myself for cheap. And that’s when I saw screencountry.com.  They had my screen that I needed. Hp called me back and ask if I would like to pay the $400.00 to get it fix, I said why would I do something so stupid when I cou;d just get one for $70.00. He said that a LCD screen that sales for that much might be a scam so I took my chances and bought it. They ship it right away. I received my screen in 3 days. I installed it and work perfectly as if I never broke it. Thank you so much screencounrty.com. I LOVE YOU GUYS. I usually don’t leave feedback for websites but this one was worth it.  

Omar Carey
Sept 07, 2011

Thank You, Thank You!!!!! perfect..packed with excellence...fast shipping...very trust worthy..thank you..

kellie woodhouse
Aug 23, 2011

Thank you so much for the fast, fast, fast shipping.  The laptop screen fits and works perfectly.  I bought this for my son's birthday, and he couldn't be happier.

Thank you again, and I will be sure to keep your company name in my favorites in case I ever need another screen in the future.

Thanks again!  

Kathryn Diteman
Aug 12, 2011

Hi , jsut wanted to tell you I was very satisfied to have bought a remplacement screen for my daughter's laptop. I sepecially appreciated the express delivery time.

Sure for the next time , i'll order here.

laurent meyer
Aug 12, 2011

Hi, I have received my LCD screen it's all working perfectly after installation,
Prompt service delivered in seven days to New Zealand. Thanks

Robert Thorpe
Aug 09, 2011

I want to say thank you for your prompt service. You are a site that is to good to be true but you are. I had to laugh about two things. Your store is close to a straight shot to Nogales, AZ but UPS shipped it all the way to Louieville,KY and then all the way back to Nogales, AZ. They need to take a lesson from you guys. The other, after I put the new screen in I had two screws left over, it was the next day I realized where they went. Didn't affect anything though, just fasteners. When I received my package it was quite dented on one end but thanks to your packing everything was just fine. I'm telling all my friends about you. Thanks again


Rex Delph
Aug 07, 2011

    I ordered a laptop screen from you and I just received notice it's being shipped now. I was so impressed with your site. I was one of those that after seeing the prices I thought if it looks to good to be true it isn't but I felt that anyone that went to the trouble to look so professional on a web-site and with such simple and direct language, I had to trust. So far everything you have told me in e-mail about the process of my order is true. If everything stays on course as it has been I will tell every friend and private computer repair place I know about you. You have so impressed me I couldn't wait to write.
   I believe I read some where on your site you also sell computers, do you do that online also and if so where do I find?
                                          Thanks Again

Rex Delph
July 28, 2011

received and installed my screen today works great thanks

james ferola
July 27, 2011

I just wanted to thank you guys for the super fast shipping and excellent screen. I cant rave enough on the quality and will definately purchase from you guys in the future and reccomend any one I run across that needs to replace their laptop screen. I just wish I would have seen the $20 offer for sending a video of me replacing the screen before I did it. You guys saved me about $200 by allowing me to complete this myself.

bruce proctor
July 27, 2011

wonderful site!!!!  Screen was shipped same day, arrived 2 days later!!! Perfect new screen, no problems, installed back into my sons laptop with no problems!!! Thanks Screencountry.com you guys made my son super happy!!!!! PS And Mom too, because of the super low price!!!

Kelly Williams
July 26, 2011

I just wanted to say that your company shipped the screen I needed very quickly and I was able to connect it.  Your company has a great supply of screens and thanks to that my laptop is back in normal running order!  Thanks!

July 22, 2011

I just wanted to say thanks for the prompt service and the packaging job on the screen. I have ordered screens from others in the past and there is nothing worse than receiving a damaged screen. Thanks also for the $20 offer however this screen from a Lenovo Ideapad S10-3 was a nightmare to replace since I basically had to take apart the entire laptop to get the screen out. I don't want to do it again for fear of damaging one of the micro-connectors.
The Acer's are easy with the exception of the required firmware update.
Thanks again.

Doug Wilson
July 18, 2011

AMAZING fast shipping; 100% original LCD screens - we will always be a customer!! Thank you!

July 07, 2011

THANK YOU for your GREAT service. I wrote a review at Reseller Ratings:


My username there is "A Dog Person"... you guys are THE BEST!!!!!

Stacey T Percan
July 01, 2011

Thanks for the great service!  Selecting the correct screen was easy, and it arrived quickly.  Installed and working 48h after the order was placed.

Richard Grieve
June 29, 2011

GREAT PRODUCT.......thanks for the quick service.....for all my future purchases Screen Country will be my choice !!   Thanks again !!

David Hoyt
June 28, 2011

I received my replacement screen in about 24 hours and I was able to install it quickly and with minimal fuss. Prior to purchase, I had called in twice to confirm price, availability and compatibility. All of my questions were answered politely and accurately. I am very pleased with ScreenCountry.com, will use them again if necessary and will recommend them to anyone else who asks.

Ethan Rogati
June 22, 2011

I love your company ... I am very hard on laptops and you sell screens at great prices ... this will be my second one in 2 yrs :)

jennifer foster
June 13, 2011

This was my first purchase online & it was just perfect. I received the screen today and it's working beautifully. Thanks a lot :)

Hani Nehme
June 09, 2011

To Screencountry

I received your screen this morning and i am very happy with the prompt and excellent service i have received. I will require more laptop screens in the future and i will definitely place my orders on screencountry.

(Very Satisified customer)

Declan Conway
June 08, 2011

I found your site and looked around looked very clean and professional
i created a account found screens purchased and have both screens deliverd
5 days.
Great service Great parts .

June 07, 2011

I ordered a replacement screen through Screen Country for my laptop.  The shipping is fast (as advertised), I recived my new screen two days after placing my order.  I am completely satified with my new screen and very happy with the price that I got it for, which was a lot cheaper than to other places hat I looked.  I would gladly recommend them to anyone that I know.

Joseph Kerns
June 03, 2011

Exactly what we were looking for and so much cheaper than going with the manufacturer. Fast shipping and easy to install.

Thank you so much!

Kim Laverty
Apr 21, 2011

I just changed the screen immediately after I received it. It took me 10 minutes to finish the job. The new screen just work fine. I cannot wait for a more while to give my feedback.

You guys are great in handling my order and gettting the screen shipped. I definitely will return to you since my family and I have another 3               laptops(I expect one will come with the same screen problem), and recommend you to my friends.

Thank you

Wei Shao

Wei Shao
Apr 21, 2011

I ordered my replacement screen on Wednesday evening and took delivery this morning (Monday). From Canada to Melbourne, Australia in under five days.....amazing. It's already up and running beautifully.

Thanks very much.


Steven Ross
Apr 18, 2011

Hello from the Swamp,Fl. I just wanted to come back and thank you! My screen arrived this afternoon, after I review the helpful video on how to install it got right into it and took me about 20 min tops to get it all done. The screen is prefect =O OMG! I'm very satisfy with the quality and the amazing service I was provided with.  I installed the new screen power up my laptop and its gorgeous again. My laptop is a mummy, yeah I don't think they make them with pentium 4 anymore lol, but the fact you guys had the product available, the speed the order was handled(email notification, tracking #), the way that it was shipped(very well rapped with a protective cover) and the quality of the product (no dead pixels on it) and the amazing $$$ cost just blew me away. I honestly can say that If you are one of the many people looking for a new screen for your laptop look no more, you will not be disappointed.  I will recommend this site not just to my friends but to anyone out there that has a broken screen, or you just had enough of looking at the annoying rainbow color lines all over your old screen.  

THANK YOU! ones again you guys made my week.

Apr 14, 2011

Thank you for the fast responding

your service is the best i have ever seen.

I've solved my problem, and now my laptop is as i bought it.

Greetings from Greece!!!

With best regards

George Chatzintais

Georgios Chatzintais
Apr 13, 2011

I thought my laptop was toast when I broke the screen. Found you guys and saved it... quick, easy, cheap. Shipped right away. Videos made installation a breeze. 20 minutes and like new again. Thanks!

Mark Weger
Apr 11, 2011

I just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU!!  When my daughter called me to tell me that the screen on her "new" (8 month old) HP notebook was cracked, I thought that the cost of a new screen would be more than the cost of a new notebook (it used to be that way!) A local repair shop could do the repair for me, but stated that "The newer LED screens are difficult to obtain...the notebook would be there for 2-4 weeks(!)...the cost will be about $300.00USD (!!!)".
Doing some research online, I found a myriad of 15.6" LCD & LED screens out there, many on eBay as well, they were priced anywhere from $125.00 to $250.00[USD]. I realized that I couldn't even order the replacement screen until I actually got the screen out of her notebook to determine the correct model and connector location.  I was able to find a complete service manual for her notebook as well as videos online (AND on your site) related to removal & installation of these screens. Once I was able to ID her screen I scoured the internet for a replacement, with a decent warranty, for a good price. Many others that sell these screens only seem to offer a 30 day to 1 year warranty. I was impressed that the screen I got from you (in LESS than a week from West coast of Canada to the East coast in the US!!) has a 3 year warranty (from the OEM-Chunghwa, I assume) and at a price below $100.00USD!! The new screen is actually a different brand than the one HP chose to use (AU Optronics B156XW02 V.0--bottom right connector), it even had the connector on the Left, with an adaptor ribbon which places it on the right. These differences were insignificant, since the image quality is identical to the original screen...I have not noticed any dead pixels, stripes, lines, scratches or any other abberations on this new LED screen...it looks Perfect!! I doubt that the 3-year warranty will be necessary(due to defects in materials or workmanship) since it won't cover my daughter stepping on the screen! I applaud your website, prices and service...EXCELLENT!! Thank You, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
Sincerely, Jerry D. --Ultrasatisfied Customer

Jerry Dori
Apr 10, 2011

I am really satsfied with your service. It is really good to have a company that sells products in a reasonable price. You really give peace of mind to customers who are unhappy by the vicious  companies that try hard to be profitable by making our life miserable. i was really helpless until i found your websit online. I needed my laptop for my study. the order was simple and easy. You are really dependable. i got the screen i ordered exactly at the time you posted on your web. thank you very much. May God bless you!

It was through my sister-in-law(Mesay) that i orderd.


Apr 07, 2011

Thank you for your screens and service.

I think I have had three purchases from you folks. When I had a question on compatibility, you quickly responded. On this last order (which fit and worked just as desired!) you presented a slight price drop from web site listed. Aside from receiving products that fit and work, you give good service and decent shipping times.

[Recent order 1301585568]

Jim Williamson
Computer Lab

Jim Williamson
Apr 06, 2011

I want to thank Screen Country for their knowlege and customer service.  I ordered my 2 different screens one day and recieved them the next afternoon.  What service.  I found Screen Country's video tutorial about changing the screen most helpful.  Good luck in your future endevors.  I definately will and would recommend to anyone to order from Screen Country from anywhere in the world.  Thanks again.

D Mero
Apr 01, 2011

Thank you! I received exactly the screen I ordered for the best price out there. Excellent customer service too. I will spread the word :)

Patricia DelMercado
Mar 31, 2011

Great service, super fast shipping. Thank you.

Andrei Popov
Mar 31, 2011

What a wonderful experience! Quick delivery and great product! Thank You!

Mar 23, 2011

I just wanted to say that I have never had such great service from any company, Ever!!! There selection, instructional videos, service and speed are to be commended. They are a credit to the industry all companies should use this company as an example. I will be sure to pass on the word, they are a keeper!! Thank you again.
Matthew Shea

Matthew Shea
Mar 19, 2011

I was a little leary about ordering a computer screen through the mail. But at the same time, the price was just unbelieveable! Then I was really scared that I couldnt put it on by myself!! It came UPS in 4 days, and I installed it myself!! The step by step video was VERY helpful! One word of advice...dont drink NO COFFEE and have a little magnetic screwdriver on hand! Those tiny screws with very little room to work were challenging especially with shakey hands!!!! This was my 7 year olds laptop!! If it happens again (which im afraid it might) I would definately order from here again!! I have already told all my friends about it and will continue to tell people about this website!! LOVE IT!! Thank you so much!

Mar 17, 2011

Just a note that I received order 1300031132 today and am extremely happy.  The product is perfect and your installation instructions are extremely easy to follow.  I'll be sure to recommend your products to others!


David Boccia
Mar 16, 2011

Congratulation! It's all very very good!

Antonio Bonavita
Mar 16, 2011

Screencountry what can i say more that others said, if by any chance somebody needs a replacement screen for laptop or desktop this is the company to buy from, forget ebay or any other online shops,here is the only a few reasons why to buy from them:
          1.The price is lower or the same like other shops
            2.Quality is the best.
              3.Delivery is always the lower limit on what they estimate.
                5.Suport is verry prompt(but be patient is 8 hours diference at least to U.K:)
                   6.The warranty, i do not think any other shop will beat that 3 or 5 years, more that the laptop or desktop will last if you ned a replacement screen.
          So yes, they know how to do bussiness.

Mar 13, 2011

Simply awesome!! You guys are incredible. The shipping was fast and effortless. The LCD replacement was easy and works great!! I will gladly endorse your company in the future. Thanks, John

John Tyler
Mar 12, 2011

You have great shipping, and I will definitely keep your site on file to replace any future laptop screens.

Brad Patten
Mar 09, 2011

I write from the resurrected notebook
Only 4 shipping days from Canada to Sardinia (italy)

Excellent service

Very Thanks

Sebastian Rapetti
Mar 02, 2011

Tuesday, Feb 22, 2011


Thank you for sending my new laptop screen.  I have installed it and it works well.  I am happy with your service and will pass your web page on to others I know who need computer repairs.

Gerald Dawe

Gerald Dawe
Feb 21, 2011

EVen though UPS was a real pain in the neck the screen finally arrived. It fitted perfectly, a netbook is saved.... Would do business anytime again...

Philippe CLECH
Feb 18, 2011

hey i recived my screen yesterday and i installed it within 10 mins and it works really good i will tell all my friends about this site i like it thanks

regards Chris Payer

Feb 17, 2011

Just wanted to say "thank you"; the screen arrived in perfect condition, bolted up nicely and is functioning just fine. Even with shipping, you guys still saved me upwards of $25 USD.

Again, many thanks
Danny Pitt
Texas, USA

Danny Pitt
Feb 16, 2011

Seriously, your company is awesome. I found the screen I needed at a great price and no hassle ordering. I can't wait to fix my laptop. This is the kind of easy to use ordering and service that I wish more online companies had. I will DEFINITELY be using you in the future if I need anything, and furthmore will make sure everyone I know hears your company name when they tell me they have a screen issue.

Thanks again.

Jay Widrick
Probation Officer

Jason Widrick
Feb 16, 2011

I received my screen and had it installed...works perfectly!!! Saved money by ordering from this site in comparison to having my laptop shipped to Acer...Thanks so much

Samantha Clausell
Feb 13, 2011

Perfect performance!
Ordered saturday night-->shipped on monday-->screen in my hands on wednesday: in germany!!!Screen works perfect and with best price I found in whole internet...
Thanks a lot.

Martin Voigt
Jan 29, 2011

Hi -  I received my replacement screen today.  It looked different than the original, but your representative assured me it would work fine.  I installed it this afternoon, and it works great!  Thanks so much.  

- Jim

Jim Warren
Jan 27, 2011

Just wanted to let you know that I received my screen today (thursday) after ordering sunday night.  I installed it in less than an hour and it works perfectly.  Thanks.

Mark Davidsaver
Jan 27, 2011

RE: ACER ASPIRE ONE 532H-2588----SUCCESS! My new LCD screen is now installed by ME! Great installation directions! Just one thing about my Acer Aspire One 532h-2588...there are only 2 screws on the bezel/screenframe located on the bottom under little circle covers. After unscrewing them (place the covers & screws in a safe place), then the rest of the bezel can gently be removed either by hand or use a super thin piece of plastic (like a guitar pic) and slowly and gently remove the rest of the bezel. Follow the rest of the instructions posted on screencountry.com website.
Thank you support team for helping me with my questions.

Veronica Colligan
Jan 26, 2011

hallo !!
i am from isreal , i want to thenk you for the fast shipment .
i get the screen i 4 day only , it get's it in very good condition .
i put the screen in my laptop and it work very good .
thenk you & hope to bay from you mor item's .

shimi mizrachi
Jan 25, 2011

Thanks for providing a great product at a great price and quick shipping.  I have bought several replacement screens from you.

I need a screen for a Lenovo X200 tablet.  Just wondered if you had a time when they might be back in stock.



Micheal Pepper
Jan 22, 2011


Jan 21, 2011

just reseve my screen that was fast thanks awsome! recomended...

Jan 20, 2011

Ordered LCD Jan-07, delivered today Jan-12 to Venice-Italy, installed and working perfectly, zero problems!

Fully satisfied! Thank you.


Jan 12, 2011

First off, Communication notifications/tracking was excellent with this company. I had an opportunity to use other suppliers in Washington,Texas,Florida and so on but I selected ScreenCountry and I am glad I did..Fast Shipping Too, Thanks i've found a new home !!!

Jan 04, 2011

Hey just got my screen today and installed it and its got a better picture than the original and was made by a better manufacturer!!! It only took less than a week to get and was packaged great. By the way I live in Illinois in the US. If i ever need another screen I will be back!!!!! Thanks Screen Country!!!!!

Michael Brant
Jan 03, 2011

Congratulazioni! Spedizione molto rapida, ottimo l'imballo! Soddisfatto del servizio offerto!

Antonio Bonavita
Jan 03, 2011

With your experience what is the best carrier for the City of Mexico.
I am interested to import screens and if possible a suggested selling as much (I understand that markets are different.)

Eduardo Rojas
Alvaro Obregon 237-b
Mexico D.F.

Eduardo rojas
Dec 10, 2010

I just wanted to say thank you...
The screen you sold me not only repaired my laptop, but it look better than the original !!!

I fixed my laptop myself for less that even the cheapest repair shop wanted to even look at it.

I will be sure to pass your name along to my friends !

Chris Fleury
Dec 03, 2010

Thank you for the speedy shipping and great pricing! The screen fit my laptop perfectly. Thanks also for helping me find the correct replacement screen. I'll definitely be recommending you to others.

Gary Wright
Dec 02, 2010

It took less than 2 weeks to recieve my new screen which was delievered to my U.S. Forces address located all the way here in Japan and I had the screen working installed and working in less than 5 mins! I was assisted my with all my concerns before my order was shipped. I seached multiple laptop screen websites and screencountry.com has the lowest prices by far! Overall, I am very impressed with service that was provided. Highly recommended.

Brian McCarthy
Nov 30, 2010

www.ScreenCountry.com is absolutely OUTSTANDING!
My order arrived in one day, was well packed and looks/works flawless.
I just dont see how its possible to offer such a low price and ship that fast.

I purchased an LG 1920 x 1080p screen to replace my horrible AUO 1600 x 900 screen
in my Asus G73JH-BST7 laptop.

I was hesitant to order from ScreenCountry because of the low price, since we're all taught "if its too good to be true then i probably is".
Well that saying has never been more wrong!

Outstanding Service, shipping and a quality screen, I couldn't have asked for more.

I won't hesitate to order from ScreenCountry again and as a matter of fact I am telling all my friends on the notebook forums where to buy a screen if they ever need one.

Edward Decker
Nov 30, 2010

Just got screen today(B156XW01). In a nutshell....perfect!! Arrived very well packaged and protected. I'm extremely impressed with the rigid inner cover that the screen is in, as well as generous bubble wrap. Not a single scratch, dead pixel, or any other defect. Took me 5 minutes to put back into laptop, and it worked perfectly! I highly recommend ScreenCountry to anyone looking for an inexpensive high quality replacement laptop screen. Look no further...these guys are the best!!

Mike H
Nov 22, 2010

You guys are amazing .  Fast Shipping and great service, Will gladly use this  service again and will recommend you guys to everyone I know that needs this service

Shawn Pritchard
Nov 22, 2010

I have been in the IT hardware business as a sales executive since pre pentium technology and I have to say the level of excellence that in which you handled my  replacement  screen order reminds me of my early days with Dell Computer corporation in 1994 when that company was committed to the best possible customer experience.. You guys are awesome and I hope that your growth , service and success continues and is sustained for many years to come !!

Steven Cyr
Nov 19, 2010

Screen Country, just received my display for my HP DV9700z installed it, up and running within a hour.  your shipping is fast even from Canada to the U.S. Your sight is now bookmarked, and will be dropping your name to anyone who is looking to replace their laptop display.

Thanks again

Michael Lakin
Nov 15, 2010

I have recieved my screen from you the trans action was very good

thank you for shipping so quick

Cecil Sloan
Nov 15, 2010

Thank you so much!!!
Screen arrived so quickly and fitted perfectly!
couldn't ask for better service.

Cheers from Australia!


Andrew Sarson
Nov 14, 2010

Easy to order, rapid delivery and easy to install the new screen with instructions/troubleshooting info.  Thanks for saving my netbook, would definately recommend!

Judi Zarola
Nov 09, 2010

Hiya, screen arrived safe and well, can't believe how fast it came, thanks heaps, Craig...

Craig Collins
Nov 04, 2010

Hi, I just would like to say thank you for your great and affordable service. i've received the LCD in  a good condition and my laptop works perfectly.

Hamad Alhowaimel
Nov 02, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I bought my 13 year old granddaughter an Acer computer last April.  She called me last month very upset because it had slipped off her lap and the screen cracked.  I call Best Buy and they said it would be between $200 - $300 charge and they would have to send it out.  Considering the computer cost $350 this didn't make sense so I googled online to see if anyone else had the problem and a person had recommended Screen Country. I couldn't believe the price and the quality but decided to take a chance.  I received the screen within 5 days,followed your video instructions and within 30 minutes had the computer up and running with a beautiful screen.  Your video instructions made it much easier for me as I had read instructions elsewhere but it didn't make sense until I actually saw it. I have already recommended you to someone else.  Great job!  

Nancy Collins
Oct 08, 2010

Great service and fast delivery!

Phil Lam
Oct 07, 2010

Thanks for the excellent service and great value. Over $ 280 for the part here in Australia for my Acer. From you under $ 100 including freight and recieved in just over a week. Genuine part and up and running again in 10 minutes.
Thanks again

Graham Hill
Oct 05, 2010




Oct 04, 2010

I reccomend this company. My order was recieved earlier than I expected and it was in perfect shape, easy to install and works perfectly with NO dead pixels anywhere. The icing on the cake was the great price considering I have not even finished paying for the computer. I am a very happy camper. Thanks Screen Country

Donna Manning
Oct 03, 2010

I'm impressed with the speed of the delivery.  I'm from Brunei Darussalam which is in the island of Borneo in South East Asia.  I placed my order on 23 Sep in the night and I received my screen on 28 Sep!  That's like about 4 days!  I've had courier of documents before from neighbouring countries and they took forever.  This is really amazing.  I've no qualms in recommending your site to whoever wants to buy screens.

Melvin Low
Sept 28, 2010

Buying from Screen Country was easy and when I needed help with installing my new screen I received information within hours. I would absolutely recommend this site to everyone I know and would buy from here in the future.

Thank you

Hary Sanchez
Sept 21, 2010

You guys are amazing, thx, Cee

Cee Roth
Sept 15, 2010

Re: Order 1283707607

Thank you very much for the excellent packaging and rapid shipping of my purchased screen. It is of excellent quality and was a perfect swap-in replacement.

Kind Regards,

Peter Moulden
Sept 14, 2010

Я заказывал матрицу для Dell. Оплатил 7 сентября, выслали в тот же день, получил 10 сентября! В московскую область шла всего три дня. Кому интересно - трекинг 793888555577 на Fedex.com
Никаких таможенных сборов при доставке не пришлось платить, как Gift пришла.
Оплачивал банковским переводом, сказали, что от иностранцев Paypal или visa не примут.
Фото упаковки: (смотреть по очереди)

Pavel SCHENKER (terminal Lvovskiy-2) Gorbatovskiy
Sept 12, 2010


Sept 11, 2010

I just wanted to write you guys, and let you know I received my new screen today for my Acer netbook, and it's like a new again! You guys were the light at the end of the tunnel, and I will tell everyone who needs a new screen to look no further than Screencountry.com! Thanks again, you guys saved the day!!!

Chris B.
Orlando, FL.  

Christopher Bolton
Sept 08, 2010

Great service! Received new screen with in three days. Watched video provided on how to install and fixed my broken lap top eaisly for a total cost of 102.03 Thanks!!

Miranda Johnson
Sept 08, 2010

I am extremely impressed with your product knowledge and prompt response to my inquiry.  I ordered a screen from you this morning and it shipped out the same day!Your prices a absolutely unbeatable!  I saved nearly $100 over any other supplier's price that I looked at!

Paul Young
Sept 03, 2010

Hello Screencountry,

Great service !! I ordered new screen on Monday and received it Friday in Norway, Europe. I am very impressed and the new screen works excellent :)

Olav Midttun
Aug 30, 2010

Received my Toshiba replacement screen, just replaced and works great.  Thank you for the quick delivery and great price!

Aug 28, 2010

Thanks guys, is exactly what I ordered and my laptop is now working great. Thanks for the fast shipping

Aug 07, 2010

Thank you very much. The screen I ordered arrived in a couple of days and was a perfect fit. I will pass you name along


Tom Timmerman
Aug 06, 2010

We received our screen within a few day as promised, just wanted to say thanks providing excellent service. The system is up and running again!

Rudy Pitts
Aug 03, 2010

We buy all of our lcd screen from Screen Country; great service, price, quality and outstanding delivery. Received correct, working screen each time. Keep up the good work!!

Aurora Laptop
July 28, 2010

Thanks  I had  the screen in and running in 45 minutes,I did have  it apart and ready but my wife is happy now and so I am also....
Great job... Rate you A+++++++

James Minton
July 21, 2010

You guys are awesome!  Every order has been prompt and accurate.  Thanks for everything!


Derek Osborne
July 16, 2010

hi i am very happy with my new screen its perfect. very fast delivery.
i will recomend your company to all.

July 05, 2010

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service. I just got my screen about 1/2 an hour ago and it took me 10 min to switch it out. I am now typig on my old computer with a crystal clear screen. I am excited to be able to use my computer for many years to come. I have two other laptop computers and will keep your site in my favorites in case I need a screen for either of my other computers.

Thanks Again,


Erin Arsenault
June 21, 2010

I placed my order after researching online the different companies and products.  I tracked the order with anticipation for a couple of days after notification that it had shipped.  The day that I got the alert that package had been delivered I felt the excitement building.  I was finally going to be able to see the whole screen rather just part.  Thank you for your fast service.  The screen snapped into place like a charm and I now have a "new" laptop.

Thatcher Young
June 18, 2010

I just recieved my screen. Just wanted to say everything fit perfectly. I am very please with the results.

June 13, 2010

Thank you very much for your fast professional service. Just wanted to say Thank you.

David Hall
June 09, 2010

I purchased a replacement LCD screen for my Sony Viao Laptop.

Works great and less than an hour to install.

Is there any need to return the old screen to you?

Dave Haven

Dave Haven
June 05, 2010

l would like to thank the crew from Screen Country for it`s speedy delivery

William Lywood
June 03, 2010

I live in Ontario and ordered a new screen for my laptop yesterday morning online through your website. I got home from work the next day (today)and the lcd screen had already been delivered to my front door and after a 10 minute installation to my laptop I am typing to Screen Country from it to thank them for the quick and professional service. After a little shopping on the web, I also found your site to be the most reasonably priced. Thanks again,

Glenn Harrop
June 03, 2010

I just received my laptop screen in Ontario from your company. It was packaged very well and received in Ontario within a week. Your pricing was better than anywhere else.

Installed the screen today and it woks flawlessly on a Gateway LT 3116U!

Thanks for your excellent service!

Ron Balla
May 30, 2010

Love the speed of service and the helpfulness of the staff. I have bought Dozens of screens from Screen Country and will continue to do so. If only the rest of life was this easy!

David Miceli
May 10, 2010

Great Service!  Received LG screen for Dell 1737.  I upgraded my laptop to a 1920*1080.  Screen is great.  Price was great.  Shipping was about 1 week.

Thank you, I do IT, and I will recommend to others.

May 10, 2010

Wow, incredible!  I ordered it yesterday, delivered this morning, from Vancouver to Toronto in less than 24 hours!  I didn't even request overnight shipping, just UPS Express.  I'm typing this on the laptop with the replaced screen, 1/2 hour to replace.  The original Dell LCD was a Philips which developed two approximately 1" vertical bands on the left side of the screen.  The replacement LCD is Sharp, which looks sharper than the original Philips LCD.  It came with a new CCF tube and inverter which renewed the whole display.  I bought the extra year warranty.  Altogether, $205, including taxes, delivery.  What a bargain compared to Dell's $400 plus taxes, plus shipping.  If I ever need another replacement LCD, it will definitely be ordered from ScreenCountry.  Bravo ScreenCountry

Brian Richmond
May 06, 2010

Impressive packaging, fast Shipping. Grade A+ product that works great. New customers will not be dissapointed. The staff worked side by side with me and I am pleased to say I am a very happy customer:).

Huan Christian
May 03, 2010

Got a Lenovo replacement screen from screencountry yesterday. Tried by myself after reading general installation tips. Several hours past, still only give white screen (indicates the backlight is OK). Could not go further, decided to ask the support here. Once they saw, they replied. Finally, my new screen worked.
Great support service and strongly recommend to others who are looking for replacement screens.  

Wuze Ren
Apr 23, 2010

i just wanted to say that i have used you several times for my personal screen purchses and was very satisified with your product, service, price and shipping time.  i was so impressed that i reccommended you to my place of work (where i am the head tech that fixes equipment) and we started purchasing screens from you, i believe in the last 2 months we bought about 20+ screens.  the company name is smartsource rentals located in hauppauge, ny.  today i reccommended you to our west coast repair branch for their screen needs so expect more business from us.  thanks for offering a great service with great product at a great price.
Tom Murgolo
Technical Service Rep.
Corporate Office
SmartSource Rentals
265 Oser Ave
Hauppauge, NY 11788

tom murgolo
Apr 21, 2010

I rec'd my order yesterday (1270835590) and just wanted to say thank you for the fast service. I will definitely recommend you to others.
Thanks again
Kevin Trepanier

Apr 14, 2010
Our Customers love us! We have loads of great customer reviews