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How to fix a scratch on the screen.

There are several hacks on how to get rid of LCD screen scratches at home. These tips may seem useless, however, dozens of wikiHow readers reported they achieved the desired result.

Vaseline method.
1. Clean the surface of the screen.
2. Fill the scratch with a small amount of Vaseline.
3. Gently wipe off excessive Vaseline, trying not to push too hard not to leave it inside the scratch.
4. Voila! Theoretically, this method works because the density of Vaseline is closer to the LCD density than air.

Pencil rubber method.
1. Find a pencil with a soft and clean rubber. It must have no graphite, as it will smudge the screen.
2. Gently rub the eraser over the scratch.
3. Keep rubbing until the scratches disappear.

Find a screen scratch repair kit.
1. Type these keywords into a search engine: +LCD +Scratch +Repair (+ symbol includes these keywords to the search).
2. Maybe, scratch Pro will work for you.
3. Either way, try the ideas suggested there, in case you find something useful.