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How to optimize a laptop screen for outdoor use.

Often, it is not easy to use your laptop outdoors due to the high glare and reflection.
If you really want to use your laptop outside, and type while listening to birds whistling and feel warm breeze, follow the instructions in this article.

1. If possible, get a screen with high brightness. Pay attention to the candels/square meter level (cd/m2, nits).
2. Pick a matte screen over glossy. It will help to reduce glare. If you have already purchased a glossy screen, you can shop for a special film/sticker that makes it matte.
3. Try to find a spot close to a power plug. High brightness means high energy consumption (the screen consumes the most energy in a laptop).
4. Consider buying or making a 'laptop hood'. They are white on the outside (to prevent heat buildup) and black on the inside (to reduce glare). Also, you can put the laptop in a simple cardboard box. This will prevent heat buildup for the laptop and other accessories (mouse, for instance).
5. Sit in the shade, and experiment with different angles to find a position that is the most comfortable for reading.