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1-888-702-6910 Non-continental US +1-917-398-0017

New screen does not work. What should I do?

Please login to you account, and create a support ticket. We will issue an RMA number and e-mail you the return shipping instructions.
Your support ticket will be replied to within 1 business day. We recommend going through basic troubleshooting steps before sending the screen back to us.

ATTENTION! Before attempting the repair, take the battery out and unplug the power source. It is necessary to reset the video card in order for the computer to properly recognize the new screen.

First step:
Connect your old screen, even if physically broken, it will help to determine whether your laptop can display an image onto LCD at this point. If the old screen is not turning on, the problem is most probably in the cable or incorrect hook up.

Second step:
Reconnect the new screen, and if there is no image, check that the video connector is plugged in all the way.

Also, please check the connection between the video cable and motherboard (in some cases, you need to take the laptop apart to do that).

Reconnect all the connections,

Screen that you have received is brand new, and should be in a working condition. Most likely, the issue is elsewhere.

If none of the attempts to get the screen working are successful, please, send the screen back. We will test the screen upon arrival, and provide a refund or a replacement (upon your discretion).

Return steps:
1. Login to your account.
2. Create a support ticket (you will receive a reply within 1 business day from Monday to Friday, between 10 AM to 4 PM PST).
3. We will issue an RMA number and e-mail you the return instructions.
4. Once we receive the screen, we will ship a replacement, or issue a refund.