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What is a Compatible screen?

Laptop manufacturers use LCD panels of different brands in laptops of identical models.
It is not necessary for the new screen to be of the same brand as the original.

Approximately every 3-4 months LCD manufacturers update and improve their panels, that's why the model number can be the same, but every updated model will have a new version number.

i.e. for the LCD panel manufactured by ChiMei, model number N1541-L02. Here's what the updated versions would look like:
N1541-L02 Rev. 1
N1541-L02 Rev. 2

Or, for AU Optronic's B154EW07:
B154EW07 V.0
B154EW07 V.1
B154EW07 V.2

In most cases all thee versions will be compatible.

Another example is the LCD panel by AU Optronics B154EW01, which was installed in multitude of laptops, but has been discontinued long time ago. Where could you find that model? - Nowhere! So the LCD panel model number LP154WX1, manufactured by LG, which in fact is fully compatible on all parameters with B154EW01 comes to the rescue.

LCD compatibility is determined based on the key parameters such as size, resolution and connectors being identical with the parameters of the original screen.

We research screen compatibility, and base our compatibility database on our own practical experience.

In most cases we ship compatible LCDs, and ultimately base our decision on the model of the original screen.
If for any reason an exact model is required, please consult with our support, prior to placing the order.