1-888-702-6910 Non-continental US +1-917-398-0017
1-888-702-6910 Non-continental US +1-917-398-0017

New suppliers are welcome!

We welcome new suppliers!
Please note, ScreenCountry.com purchases LCDs only in brand-new condition.
No refurbished, pulled or defective panels please.
As serious buyers we expect our suppliers to be just as serious;
we only purchase in large amounts, and can travel for inspection.

Due to the constant flow of honest offers, we know the most competitive price when we see it,
please be reasonable and not waste your and our time with unattractive offers.
Also, we will not reply to offers with no price or quantity.

Our word is solid, and once given it will be followed through no matter what,
any supplier wishing to work with us, will have to extend the same consideration.

When submitting an offer, absolutely make sure that it includes:

1. Company name or your name and legitimate contact information.
2. Part and model numbers
3. Quantity available
4. Condition of the product and the packaging
5. Price of each in USD


Please do not forget to include your contact information!