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1-888-702-6910 Non-continental US +1-917-398-0017

I just paid for a screen, but the order status hasn't changed, what can I do?

If you paid via PayPal, first of all go to your account at PayPal, and make sure that the money was sent. If you do not see the transaction in the list of recent transactions, you have not paid. Read this article for more info How to pay using PayPal .

If you are sure that the order was paid - there is nothing to worry about. The system does not display the status of your order in real time. Status updates in semi-automatic mode, several times a day.

For example, if you have just paid for the order, but the status of the order in your account is "NOT PAID YET", that is normal and it means that we received the order and the status will be updated within one business day.

The same thing happens when we ship your order. Order status is updated semi-automatically, several times a day, and it will be updated after the package is sent, and you should expect certain delay in receipt of the tracking number.