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Dead Pixels Policy.

Please, read the definition of dead pixels below, and familiarize yourself with the manufacturers' policies regarding stuck pixels.

Wikipedia about dead pixels

Dell's dead pixels policy

"... display with up to 2 fixed pixels is within industry standards and is therefore considered an acceptable display ..."

Apple dead pixels policy

HP-Compaq dead pixels policy

Dead pixels are not a determination of poor quality. It is a part of manufacturing process of LCD screens. LCD manufacturers do not consider screens with 2-5 dead, or stuck pixels a defect.

Nonetheless, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the screens purchased, you are welcome to return or exchange the screen for a new one.

Please, keep in mind, that customers are responsible for all costs associated with shipping.

Please, log in to your account and create a support ticket. We will issue an RMA number and e-mail you the shipping instructions. Before sending us the screen, please, make sure to put your RMA number on the box.