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Available Replacement Part Types

Laptop manufacturers release new laptop series with different screen options to cover a broad customer appeal: non-Touch and Touch Displays, various (non-compatible) screen resolutions.
To get your broken screen replaced with a fully operational one, you need to order the same part type with the same specifications as the original screen. Non-touch laptops cannot be upgraded to a touch display due to different hardware configuration.

Non-Touch Display can be replaced by:
-LCD screen (most common)
-Frameless LCD matrix (usually found in Apple).
-OLED Screen.

Touch Display option exists in few variations:

1. On-Cell touch screen has thin touch layer on top of the LCD's glass. This screen looks like regular Non-Touch Display. On-Cell Touch display must be replaced only with the same part type. Can not downgrade to non-Touch option due to different hardware configuration.

2. Screen assembly consists of Touch Digitizer screen glued on top of regular LCD screen.
Depending on the market aviability, we may stock following part types:
- Touch Digitizer
- Touch Digitizer + Bezel
- LCD screen + Touch Digitizer
- LCD Screen + Touch Digitizer + Bezel
- Display assembly (Complete Top Lid)

Difference between On-Cell Touch Screen and Touch Screen Assembly: