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IDEAPAD 100 (14 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 100 (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 100 80MH SERIESIDEAPAD 100 80MH000XUSIDEAPAD 100 80MH000YUSIDEAPAD 100 80MH0011CFIDEAPAD 100 80MH0012USIDEAPAD 100 80MH005HUSIDEAPAD 100 80MH005JCFIDEAPAD 100 80MH005KUSIDEAPAD 100 80MH005LUSIDEAPAD 100 80MH005MCFIDEAPAD 100 80MH005NCFIDEAPAD 100 80MJ SERIESIDEAPAD 100 80MJ0015CFIDEAPAD 100 80MJ0016CFIDEAPAD 100 80MJ0017USIDEAPAD 100 80MJ0018USIDEAPAD 100 80MJ0019USIDEAPAD 100 80MJ001AUSIDEAPAD 100 80QQ SERIESIDEAPAD 100 80QQ001XIHIDEAPAD 100 80QQ003BGEIDEAPAD 100 80QQ0060USIDEAPAD 100 80QQ009LGEIDEAPAD 100 80QQ00BMPBIDEAPAD 100 80QQ00BQPBIDEAPAD 100 80QQ00JGUSIDEAPAD 100-14IBYIDEAPAD 100-15IBDIDEAPAD 100-15IBYIDEAPAD 100S (11 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 100S (14 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 100S 80QN SERIESIDEAPAD 100S 80QN0000USIDEAPAD 100S 80QN0001USIDEAPAD 100S 80QN0002USIDEAPAD 100S 80QN0006CFIDEAPAD 100S 80QN0007CFIDEAPAD 100S 80QN0008CFIDEAPAD 100S 80QN0009US IDEAPAD 100S 80R2 SERIESIDEAPAD 100S 80R2001FUSIDEAPAD 100S 80R2001WMJIDEAPAD 100S 80R2003UUSIDEAPAD 100S 80R2003WUSIDEAPAD 100S 80R2003XUSIDEAPAD 100S 80R20040USIDEAPAD 100S 80R9 SERIESIDEAPAD 100S 80R9005KUSIDEAPAD 100S 80R90073USIDEAPAD 100S 80R90074USIDEAPAD 100S 80R900BYCFIDEAPAD 100S 80R900C0CFIDEAPAD 100S 80R900EQCFIDEAPAD 100S 80R900FYUSIDEAPAD 100S CHROMEBOOK SERIESIDEAPAD 100S-11IBRIDEAPAD 100S-11IBYIDEAPAD 100S-14IBRIDEAPAD 110 (14 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 110 (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 110 (17 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 110 80T6 SERIESIDEAPAD 110 80T6000WUSIDEAPAD 110 80T6000XUSIDEAPAD 110 80T60020CFIDEAPAD 110 80T60021CFIDEAPAD 110 80T7 SERIESIDEAPAD 110 80T7000HUSIDEAPAD 110 80T70011USIDEAPAD 110 80T70012USIDEAPAD 110 80T7002NCFIDEAPAD 110 80T7002PCFIDEAPAD 110 80T700ABUSIDEAPAD 110 80T700ACUSIDEAPAD 110 80TJ SERIESIDEAPAD 110 80TJ001PUKIDEAPAD 110 80TJ0023IXIDEAPAD 110 80TJ0028IXIDEAPAD 110 80TJ002CUSIDEAPAD 110 80TJ002EUSIDEAPAD 110 80TJ004QMHIDEAPAD 110 80TJ006ERKIDEAPAD 110 80TJ00BDIHIDEAPAD 110 80TR SERIESIDEAPAD 110 80TR0004USIDEAPAD 110 80TR0005USIDEAPAD 110 80UD SERIESIDEAPAD 110 80UD001TUSIDEAPAD 110 80UM SERIESIDEAPAD 110 80UM000CUSIDEAPAD 110 80UM000DUSIDEAPAD 110 80V7 SERIESIDEAPAD 110 80V70000USIDEAPAD 110 80VK SERIESIDEAPAD 110 80VK000CUSIDEAPAD 110 80VK000DUSIDEAPAD 110 80VK000EUSIDEAPAD 110-14IBRIDEAPAD 110-15ACLIDEAPAD 110-15ASTIDEAPAD 110-15IBRIDEAPAD 110-15ISKIDEAPAD 110-17ACLIDEAPAD 110-17IKBIDEAPAD 110S (11 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 110S 80WG SERIESIDEAPAD 110S 80WG0001USIDEAPAD 110S 80WG000VMHIDEAPAD 110S 80WG005MFRIDEAPAD 110S 80WG005XGEIDEAPAD 110S 80WG008ECKIDEAPAD 110S 80WG008FCKIDEAPAD 110S-11IBRIDEAPAD 2565 SERIESIDEAPAD 300 (14 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 300 (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 300 (17inch)IDEAPAD 300 80Q6 SERIESIDEAPAD 300 80Q6002AUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q6002BUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q6002CUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q6002DUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q6002EUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q6002FUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q6002HCFIDEAPAD 300 80Q6002JCFIDEAPAD 300 80Q6002LCFIDEAPAD 300 80Q6002MCFIDEAPAD 300 80Q7 SERIESIDEAPAD 300 80Q70020USIDEAPAD 300 80Q7004YUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q70050USIDEAPAD 300 80Q70055USIDEAPAD 300 80Q70058CFIDEAPAD 300 80Q7005DUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q7005FUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q7005HUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q7005JUSIDEAPAD 300 80Q7005KCFIDEAPAD 300 80Q7005PCFIDEAPAD 300 80Q7005SCFIDEAPAD 300 80Q7005UCFIDEAPAD 300 80Q700ADCFIDEAPAD 300 80QH SERIESIDEAPAD 300 80QH0079USIDEAPAD 300 80QH0088USIDEAPAD 300 80QH0089USIDEAPAD 300 80QH008AUS IDEAPAD 300 80QH008CUSIDEAPAD 300 80QH008DCF IDEAPAD 300 80QH008FCFIDEAPAD 300 80QH008MUSIDEAPAD 300-14ISK SERIESIDEAPAD 300-15ISKIDEAPAD 300-17ISKIDEAPAD 300S (11 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 300S (14 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 300S 80KU SERIESIDEAPAD 300S 80KU0034IDEAPAD 300S 80KU0034GEIDEAPAD 300S 80KU005QIDEAPAD 300S 80KU005QPBIDEAPAD 300S 80KU0086IDEAPAD 300S 80KU0086PBIDEAPAD 300S 80KU00BTIDEAPAD 300S 80KU00BTCKIDEAPAD 300S 80Q4 SERIESIDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000DUSIDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000EUSIDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000FUSIDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000KUSIDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000MUSIDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000RCFIDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000VCFIDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000XCFIDEAPAD 300S-11IBRIDEAPAD 300S-14ISKIDEAPAD 305 (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 305 80NL SERIESIDEAPAD 305 80NL000AGEIDEAPAD 305-15ABMIDEAPAD 310 (14 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 310 (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 310 80SM SERIESIDEAPAD 310 80SM003SUSIDEAPAD 310 80SM0047USIDEAPAD 310 80SM0048USIDEAPAD 310 80SM0058USIDEAPAD 310 80SM007MCFIDEAPAD 310 80SM007NCFIDEAPAD 310 80SM007PCFIDEAPAD 310 80SN SERIESIDEAPAD 310 80SN0000USIDEAPAD 310 80SN0002USIDEAPAD 310 80SN0003USIDEAPAD 310 80SN0006USIDEAPAD 310 80ST SERIESIDEAPAD 310 80ST0025USIDEAPAD 310 80SX SERIESIDEAPAD 310 80SX002KUSIDEAPAD 310 80TU SERIESIDEAPAD 310 80TU0036IDEAPAD 310 80TU0036MJIDEAPAD 310 80TV SERIESIDEAPAD 310 80TV00BGUSIDEAPAD 310 80TV00BHUSIDEAPAD 310 80TV00BJUSIDEAPAD 310 80TV00BKUSIDEAPAD 310 80TV00Q3USIDEAPAD 310 80TV01T8USIDEAPAD 310 80TW SERIESIDEAPAD 310 80TW0003USIDEAPAD 310 TOUCH (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 310 TOUCH-15ISK SERIESIDEAPAD 310-14ASTIDEAPAD 310-14IKBIDEAPAD 310-14ISKIDEAPAD 310-15ABRIDEAPAD 310-15IKBIDEAPAD 310-15ISKIDEAPAD 310S (11 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 310S 80U4 SERIESIDEAPAD 310S 80U40005IDEAPAD 310S 80U40005JPIDEAPAD 310S-11IAPIDEAPAD 500 (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 500 80K4 SERIESIDEAPAD 500 80K40012USIDEAPAD 500 80K40013USIDEAPAD 500 80K40015USIDEAPAD 500 80K40016USIDEAPAD 500 80K40017CFIDEAPAD 500 80K40018CFIDEAPAD 500 80K40019CFIDEAPAD 500 80K4001ACFIDEAPAD 500 80NT SERIESIDEAPAD 500 80NT007HUSIDEAPAD 500 80NT007JUSIDEAPAD 500 80NT007KCFIDEAPAD 500 80NT007LUSIDEAPAD 500 80NT007NUSIDEAPAD 500 80NT007PUSIDEAPAD 500 80NT007QUSIDEAPAD 500 80NT007RUSIDEAPAD 500 80NT007SUSIDEAPAD 500 80NT007TUSIDEAPAD 500 80NT0082CFIDEAPAD 500 80NT0083CFIDEAPAD 500 80NT0084CFIDEAPAD 500 80NT0085CFIDEAPAD 500-15ACZIDEAPAD 500-15ISKIDEAPAD 500S (14 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 500S 80Q3 SERIESIDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009TUSIDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009UUSIDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009VUSIDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009WUSIDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009XCFIDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009YCFIDEAPAD 500S 80Q300A0CFIDEAPAD 500S 80Q300A1CFIDEAPAD 500S-14ISKIDEAPAD 510 (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 510 80SR SERIESIDEAPAD 510 80SR001FUSIDEAPAD 510 80SR001GUSIDEAPAD 510 80SR002TUSIDEAPAD 510 80SR004QUSIDEAPAD 510 80SR0054CFIDEAPAD 510 80SR0055CFIDEAPAD 510 80SR0056CFIDEAPAD 510 80SV SERIESIDEAPAD 510 80SV0056USIDEAPAD 510 80SV0057USIDEAPAD 510 80SV0059USIDEAPAD 510 80SV005BUSIDEAPAD 510 80SV00XJUSIDEAPAD 510-15IKBIDEAPAD 510-15ISKIDEAPAD 510S (13 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 510S (14 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 510S 80TK SERIESIDEAPAD 510S 80TK001DUSIDEAPAD 510S 80TK002GUSIDEAPAD 510S 80TK002JUSIDEAPAD 510S 80TK002PUSIDEAPAD 510S 80TK002QUSIDEAPAD 510S 80TK002RUSIDEAPAD 510S 80TK004XCFIDEAPAD 510S 80TK004YCFIDEAPAD 510S 80TK0050CFIDEAPAD 510S 80TK0051CFIDEAPAD 510S 80UV SERIESIDEAPAD 510S 80UV001AUSIDEAPAD 510S 80UV001BUSIDEAPAD 510S 80V0 SERIESIDEAPAD 510S 80V00010IDEAPAD 510S 80V00010GEIDEAPAD 510S 80V00026IDEAPAD 510S 80V00026GEIDEAPAD 510S 80V00035IDEAPAD 510S 80V00035MJIDEAPAD 510S-13IKBIDEAPAD 510S-14IKBIDEAPAD 510S-14ISKIDEAPAD 700 (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 700 (17 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 700 80RU SERIESIDEAPAD 700 80RU00APUSIDEAPAD 700 80RU00AQUSIDEAPAD 700 80RU00ARUSIDEAPAD 700 80RU00ASCFIDEAPAD 700 80RU00ATCFIDEAPAD 700 80RU00AUCFIDEAPAD 700 80RU00CWUSIDEAPAD 700 80RU00CXUSIDEAPAD 700 80RU00CYUSIDEAPAD 700 80RU00D8USIDEAPAD 700 80RU00DYUSIDEAPAD 700 80RU00E0CFIDEAPAD 700 80RU00E1CFIDEAPAD 700 80RU00E2CFIDEAPAD 700 80RU00E4CFIDEAPAD 700 80RU00E5CFIDEAPAD 700 80RU00FEUSIDEAPAD 700 80RV SERIESIDEAPAD 700 80RV0022USIDEAPAD 700 80RV0023USIDEAPAD 700 80RV0024USIDEAPAD 700 80RV002NUSIDEAPAD 700 80RV002VUSIDEAPAD 700 80RV002WUSIDEAPAD 700 80RV003DCFIDEAPAD 700 80RV003ECFIDEAPAD 700 80RV003FCFIDEAPAD 700 80RV006RUSIDEAPAD 700 80RV006TUSIDEAPAD 700-15ISKIDEAPAD 700-17ISKIDEAPAD 710S (13 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD 710S 80SW SERIESIDEAPAD 710S 80SW002AUSIDEAPAD 710S 80SW002MUSIDEAPAD 710S 80SW002NUSIDEAPAD 710S 80SW0032USIDEAPAD 710S 80SW0052CFIDEAPAD 710S 80SW0053CFIDEAPAD 710S 80SW0054CFIDEAPAD 710S 80VQ SERIESIDEAPAD 710S 80VQ001VUSIDEAPAD 710S 80VQ003FUSIDEAPAD 710S 80YQ SERIESIDEAPAD 710S 80YQ0002USIDEAPAD 710S 80YQ0003USIDEAPAD 710S 80YQ0005USIDEAPAD 710S PLUS 80W3 SERIESIDEAPAD 710S PLUS 80W3000KUSIDEAPAD 710S PLUS 80W3004MUSIDEAPAD 710S PLUS SERIESIDEAPAD 710S PLUS TOUCH SERIESIDEAPAD 710S PLUS TOUCH-13IKBIDEAPAD 710S PLUS-13IKBIDEAPAD 710S-13IKBIDEAPAD 710S-13ISKIDEAPAD AIR 13 PRO SERIESIDEAPAD B41-80 80LG SERIESIDEAPAD B41-80 80LG0007IHIDEAPAD B41-80 80LG000PSBIDEAPAD B41-80 SERIESIDEAPAD B470 4315IDEAPAD B470 4315-23UIDEAPAD B470 4315-24UIDEAPAD B470 4315-25UIDEAPAD B470 4315-26UIDEAPAD B470 SERIESIDEAPAD B470E SERIESIDEAPAD B50 MCA28UKIDEAPAD B50 MCA2WMSIDEAPAD B50 MCA2ZMHIDEAPAD B50-10 80QR SERIESIDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0004IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0004GEIDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0004UKIDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0006IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0006UKIDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0013IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0013GEIDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0014IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0014UKIDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0016IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0016UKIDEAPAD B50-10 SERIESIDEAPAD B50-30 80ES SERIESIDEAPAD B50-30 80ET SERIESIDEAPAD B50-30 SERIESIDEAPAD B50-45 20388IDEAPAD B50-45 MCD2GGEIDEAPAD B50-45 MCD2GUKIDEAPAD B50-45 SERIESIDEAPAD B50-70 59422966IDEAPAD B50-70 59422998IDEAPAD B50-70 59422999IDEAPAD B50-70 59423000IDEAPAD B50-70 SERIESIDEAPAD B51-80 80LM SERIESIDEAPAD B51-80 80LM000CIDEAPAD B51-80 80LM000CUKIDEAPAD B51-80 80LM000DIDEAPAD B51-80 80LM000DMXIDEAPAD B51-80 80LM0012IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM0012UKIDEAPAD B51-80 80LM0153IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM0153TXIDEAPAD B51-80 SERIESIDEAPAD B570 1068IDEAPAD B570 1068-5LUIDEAPAD B570 1068-A2UIDEAPAD B570 1068-A3UIDEAPAD B570 1068-A8UIDEAPAD B570 1068-AFUIDEAPAD B570 1068-AGUIDEAPAD B570 1068-AJUIDEAPAD B570 1068-APUIDEAPAD B570 1068-ARUIDEAPAD B570 1068-ASUIDEAPAD B570 1068-B3UIDEAPAD B570 1068-BAUIDEAPAD B570 1068B9UIDEAPAD B570 SERIESIDEAPAD B575 SERIESIDEAPAD E43 SERIESIDEAPAD FLEX 10 20324IDEAPAD FLEX 10 SERIESIDEAPAD FLEX 14 59393792IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59393809IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59393810IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59395493IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59395496IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59395987IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59395990IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59404709IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59404715IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59405148IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59405149IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59405151IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59405154IDEAPAD FLEX 14 SERIESIDEAPAD FLEX 15 20309IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59387570IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393836IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393845IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393853IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393856IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393857IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393862IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393867IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59399871IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59399876IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59399879IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59406960IDEAPAD FLEX 15 SERIESIDEAPAD G460IDEAPAD G465 SERIESIDEAPAD G470 SERIESIDEAPAD G485 SERIESIDEAPAD G510 SERIESIDEAPAD G550 SERIESIDEAPAD G560IDEAPAD G565IDEAPAD K1 1304IDEAPAD K1 1304-22U TABLETIDEAPAD K1 1304-25U TABLETIDEAPAD K1 1304-2DU TABLETIDEAPAD K1 1304-2FU TABLETIDEAPAD K1 1304-2HU TABLETIDEAPAD K1 1304-2LU TABLETIDEAPAD K1 1304-2QU TABLETIDEAPAD K1 1304-2WU TABLETIDEAPAD K1 TABLETIDEAPAD M30-70 SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 300 80NR SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 300 80NR001WUSIDEAPAD MIIX 300 80NR0041CFIDEAPAD MIIX 300 SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 300-10IBYIDEAPAD MIIX 310 80SG SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 310 80SG001FUSIDEAPAD MIIX 310 SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 310-10ICRIDEAPAD MIIX 320 80XF SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 320 80XF000DUSIDEAPAD MIIX 320 SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 510 80U1 SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 510 80U10006GEIDEAPAD MIIX 510 80U10066USIDEAPAD MIIX 510 80U10068USIDEAPAD MIIX 510 80U1006DUSIDEAPAD MIIX 510 80U1006EUSIDEAPAD MIIX 510 80XE SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 510 80XE002GUSIDEAPAD MIIX 510 SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 510-12IKBIDEAPAD MIIX 510-12ISKIDEAPAD MIIX 700 80QL SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 700 80QL0001USIDEAPAD MIIX 700 80QL0004USIDEAPAD MIIX 700 80QL000AUSIDEAPAD MIIX 700 80QL000BUSIDEAPAD MIIX 700 80QL0020USIDEAPAD MIIX 700 80QL005MUSIDEAPAD MIIX 700 SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 700-12ISKIDEAPAD MIIX 720 80VV SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 720 80VV001CUSIDEAPAD MIIX 720 80VV001HUSIDEAPAD MIIX 720 80VV0038SBIDEAPAD MIIX 720 80VV0039SBIDEAPAD MIIX 720 SERIESIDEAPAD MIIX 720-12IKBIDEAPAD N20P 59426641 CHROMEBOOKIDEAPAD N20P 59426642 CHROMEBOOKIDEAPAD N20P CHROMEBOOK SERIESIDEAPAD N580 59343695IDEAPAD N580 59351030IDEAPAD N580 59359499IDEAPAD N580 59371992IDEAPAD N580 59372604IDEAPAD N580 59387429IDEAPAD N580 59387430IDEAPAD N580 SERIESIDEAPAD N581 SERIESIDEAPAD N585 20179IDEAPAD N585 59343747IDEAPAD N585 59343749IDEAPAD N585 59343757IDEAPAD N585 59359186IDEAPAD N585 7510IDEAPAD N585 SERIESIDEAPAD N586 20180IDEAPAD N586 SERIESIDEAPAD P1 TABLETIDEAPAD P400 20211IDEAPAD P400 59RF0176IDEAPAD P400 59RF0245IDEAPAD P400 SERIESIDEAPAD P500 20210IDEAPAD P500 20253IDEAPAD P500 59345704IDEAPAD P500 59347559IDEAPAD P500 59372845IDEAPAD P500 59374199IDEAPAD P500 59RF0015IDEAPAD P500 SERIESIDEAPAD P580 20184IDEAPAD P580 3087IDEAPAD P580 308723UIDEAPAD P580 308725UIDEAPAD P580 59370041IDEAPAD P580 SERIESIDEAPAD P580A SERIESIDEAPAD P585 SERIESIDEAPAD S1 TABLETIDEAPAD S10 4231IDEAPAD S10 4231-22UIDEAPAD S10 4231-25UIDEAPAD S10 4231-2AUIDEAPAD S10 4231-2BUIDEAPAD S10 4231-2CUIDEAPAD S10 4231-2DUIDEAPAD S10 4231-2TUIDEAPAD S10 4231-2WUIDEAPAD S10 4231-32UIDEAPAD S10 4231-33UIDEAPAD S10 4231-34UIDEAPAD S10 4231-35UIDEAPAD S10 4231-36UIDEAPAD S10 4231-37UIDEAPAD S10 4231-38UIDEAPAD S10 4231-3AUIDEAPAD S10 4231-3CUIDEAPAD S10 4231-3DUIDEAPAD S10 4231-A8UIDEAPAD S10 4231-A9UIDEAPAD S10 4231-AAUIDEAPAD S10 4231-ABUIDEAPAD S10 4231-ACUIDEAPAD S10 4231-ADUIDEAPAD S10 4231-AEUIDEAPAD S10 4231-AFUIDEAPAD S10 4231-AGUIDEAPAD S10 4231-AJUIDEAPAD S10 4333IDEAPAD S10 4333-22UIDEAPAD S10 4333-25UIDEAPAD S10 4333-2TUIDEAPAD S10 4333-2WUIDEAPAD S10 4333-36UIDEAPAD S10 4333-37UIDEAPAD S10 4333-38UIDEAPAD S10 5901IDEAPAD S10 59015817IDEAPAD S10 59015819IDEAPAD S10 59015864IDEAPAD S10 59015866IDEAPAD S10 59015875IDEAPAD S10 59016410IDEAPAD S10 59016575IDEAPAD S10 59016593IDEAPAD S10 59016604IDEAPAD S10 59016819IDEAPAD S10 59017496IDEAPAD S10 59019947IDEAPAD S10 59019949IDEAPAD S10 59019952IDEAPAD S10 59019954IDEAPAD S10 59019955IDEAPAD S10 59019956IDEAPAD S10 59019958IDEAPAD S10 SERIESIDEAPAD S10-2 20027IDEAPAD S10-2 2957IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-22UIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-23UIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-24UIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-25UIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-29UIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-2AUIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-6AUIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7CUIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7DUIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7LUIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7MUIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7NUIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7VUIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7XUIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-L2UIDEAPAD S10-2 2957-L3UIDEAPAD S10-2 SERIESIDEAPAD S10-2C SERIESIDEAPAD S10-3 0647IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-23UIDEAPAD S10-3 0647-29UIDEAPAD S10-3 0647-2AUIDEAPAD S10-3 0647-2BUIDEAPAD S10-3 0647-2EUIDEAPAD S10-3 0647-32UIDEAPAD S10-3 0647-33UIDEAPAD S10-3 0647-35UIDEAPAD S10-3 0647-37UIDEAPAD S10-3 0647-38UIDEAPAD S10-3 0647-39UIDEAPAD S10-3 SERIESIDEAPAD S10-3C SERIESIDEAPAD S10-3S 0703IDEAPAD S10-3S 0703-22UIDEAPAD S10-3S 0703-32UIDEAPAD S10-3S SERIESIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-37UIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-3EUIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-4EUIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-4FUIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-4RGIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-6DUIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-7HUIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-85UIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-86UIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-89JIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-95UIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-99UIDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-9BUIDEAPAD S10-3T SERIESIDEAPAD S100 1067IDEAPAD S100 1067-22UIDEAPAD S100 1067-94JIDEAPAD S100 1067-J2JIDEAPAD S100 1067-J5JIDEAPAD S100 SERIESIDEAPAD S10e 4068IDEAPAD S10e 4068-46GIDEAPAD S10e 4068-4WGIDEAPAD S10e 4187IDEAPAD S10e 4187-2NUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-2PUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-2QUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-2SUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-39UIDEAPAD S10e 4187-3AUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-4KUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-4LUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-4MUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-ERUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-RVUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-RWUIDEAPAD S10e 4187-RXUIDEAPAD S10e SERIESIDEAPAD S10g SERIESIDEAPAD S110 59328519IDEAPAD S110 59328520IDEAPAD S110 N2800IDEAPAD S110 SERIESIDEAPAD S12 2959IDEAPAD S12 2959-32UIDEAPAD S12 2959-33UIDEAPAD S12 2959-54UIDEAPAD S12 2959-55UIDEAPAD S12 2959-56UIDEAPAD S12 2959-5AUIDEAPAD S12 2959-5BUIDEAPAD S12 2959-5DUIDEAPAD S12 2959-5EUIDEAPAD S12 2959-5FUIDEAPAD S12 2959-5GUIDEAPAD S12 SERIESIDEAPAD S2 TABLETIDEAPAD S200 SERIESIDEAPAD S205 1038IDEAPAD S205 1038-27UIDEAPAD S205 1038-28UIDEAPAD S205 1038-29UIDEAPAD S205 1038-32UIDEAPAD S205 1038-33UIDEAPAD S205 1038-34UIDEAPAD S205 SERIESIDEAPAD S205s SERIESIDEAPAD S205x SERIESIDEAPAD S206 2638IDEAPAD S206 263823UIDEAPAD S206 263824UIDEAPAD S206 M894IDEAPAD S206 M894FGEIDEAPAD S206 M894GGE IDEAPAD S206 M894HGEIDEAPAD S206 M894JGEIDEAPAD S206 M894KGEIDEAPAD S206 M894LGEIDEAPAD S206 M894MGEIDEAPAD S206 SERIESIDEAPAD S210 59410972IDEAPAD S210 59410973IDEAPAD S210 SERIESIDEAPAD S215 20258IDEAPAD S215 59372287IDEAPAD S215 59376495IDEAPAD S215 59379393IDEAPAD S215 59388275IDEAPAD S215 59388967IDEAPAD S215 59394760IDEAPAD S215 59410730IDEAPAD S215 59410732IDEAPAD S215 59414509IDEAPAD S215 59414513IDEAPAD S215 SERIESIDEAPAD S300 5935IDEAPAD S300 59359323IDEAPAD S300 59359324 IDEAPAD S300 59359327IDEAPAD S300 59359328IDEAPAD S300 SERIESIDEAPAD S310 SERIESIDEAPAD S400 20195IDEAPAD S400 20283IDEAPAD S400 59342932IDEAPAD S400 59353941IDEAPAD S400 59359130IDEAPAD S400 MAY4CGEIDEAPAD S400 MAY4DGEIDEAPAD S400 MAY4GGEIDEAPAD S400 MAY4HGEIDEAPAD S400 MAY4JMHIDEAPAD S400 SERIESIDEAPAD S400 TOUCH SERIESIDEAPAD S400U 59363575IDEAPAD S400U 6312IDEAPAD S400U SERIESIDEAPAD S405 5934IDEAPAD S405 59342926IDEAPAD S405 59342927IDEAPAD S405 5935IDEAPAD S405 59351953IDEAPAD S405 SERIESIDEAPAD S410P SERIESIDEAPAD S410P TOUCH SERIESIDEAPAD S415 59385549IDEAPAD S415 59385555IDEAPAD S415 59399720IDEAPAD S415 59405902IDEAPAD S415 59408229IDEAPAD S415 59408545IDEAPAD S415 TOUCH SERIESIDEAPAD S500 59392348IDEAPAD S500 59397130IDEAPAD S500 SERIESIDEAPAD S510P SERIESIDEAPAD S510P TOUCH SERIESIDEAPAD S9 SERIESIDEAPAD S9E 4187IDEAPAD S9E 4187-32UIDEAPAD S9E 4187-33UIDEAPAD S9E 4187-34UIDEAPAD S9E 4187-DRUIDEAPAD S9E SERIESIDEAPAD U110 SERIESIDEAPAD U130 SERIESIDEAPAD U150 6909IDEAPAD U150 6909-56UIDEAPAD U150 6909-68UIDEAPAD U150 6909-69UIDEAPAD U150 SERIESIDEAPAD U160 0894IDEAPAD U160 0894-55UIDEAPAD U160 0894-59UIDEAPAD U160 0894-5JUIDEAPAD U160 0894-5KUIDEAPAD U160 0894-5LUIDEAPAD U160 0894-5MUIDEAPAD U160 SERIESIDEAPAD U165 SERIESIDEAPAD U260 0876IDEAPAD U260 0876-32UIDEAPAD U260 0876-33UIDEAPAD U260 0876-34UIDEAPAD U260 0876-3AUIDEAPAD U260 0876-3BUIDEAPAD U260 0876-3CUIDEAPAD U260 0876-3DUIDEAPAD U260 0876-XF4IDEAPAD U260 SERIESIDEAPAD U300E 2692IDEAPAD U300E 269224UIDEAPAD U300E 269225UIDEAPAD U300E SERIESIDEAPAD U300S 1080IDEAPAD U300S 108026UIDEAPAD U300S 108027UIDEAPAD U300S 108028UIDEAPAD U300S 108029UIDEAPAD U300S 10802AUIDEAPAD U300S 10802BUIDEAPAD U300S SERIESIDEAPAD U310 4375IDEAPAD U310 4375-22UIDEAPAD U310 4375-23UIDEAPAD U310 4375-24UIDEAPAD U310 4375-25UIDEAPAD U310 4375-26UIDEAPAD U310 4375-2BUIDEAPAD U310 4375-2CUIDEAPAD U310 4375-2JUIDEAPAD U310 4375-2QUIDEAPAD U310 4375-2TUIDEAPAD U310 4375-2UUIDEAPAD U310 4375-2VUIDEAPAD U310 4375-2WUIDEAPAD U310 4375-3DUIDEAPAD U310 4375-B2UIDEAPAD U310 4375-B8UIDEAPAD U310 4375-B9UIDEAPAD U310 4375-BAUIDEAPAD U310 4375-BFUIDEAPAD U310 4375-BGUIDEAPAD U310 4375-BHUIDEAPAD U310 4375-BJUIDEAPAD U310 59351641IDEAPAD U310 59351642IDEAPAD U310 59351644IDEAPAD U310 59351646IDEAPAD U310 59351647IDEAPAD U310 59365018IDEAPAD U310 59365021IDEAPAD U310 59365023IDEAPAD U310 59365025IDEAPAD U310 59365026IDEAPAD U310 59365302IDEAPAD U310 59366627IDEAPAD U310 59371834IDEAPAD U310 59371836IDEAPAD U310 59371840IDEAPAD U310 59371841IDEAPAD U310 59371842IDEAPAD U310 59371844IDEAPAD U310 59371845IDEAPAD U310 59371849IDEAPAD U310 SERIESIDEAPAD U330 2267IDEAPAD U330 2267-2AUIDEAPAD U330 2267-2BUIDEAPAD U330 2267-2CUIDEAPAD U330 2267-2DUIDEAPAD U330 2267-2EUIDEAPAD U330 2267-2FUIDEAPAD U330 2267-2GUIDEAPAD U330 2267-3AUIDEAPAD U330 2267-58UIDEAPAD U330 2267-64UIDEAPAD U330 2267-65UIDEAPAD U330 5901IDEAPAD U330 59015270IDEAPAD U330 59016806IDEAPAD U330 59016807IDEAPAD U330 SERIESIDEAPAD U330 TOUCH SERIESIDEAPAD U330P SERIESIDEAPAD U350 2963IDEAPAD U350 2963-23UIDEAPAD U350 2963-25UIDEAPAD U350 2963-26UIDEAPAD U350 2963-27UIDEAPAD U350 2963-2CUIDEAPAD U350 2963-2HUIDEAPAD U350 2963-2JUIDEAPAD U350 2963-2UUIDEAPAD U350 2963-2VUIDEAPAD U350 2963-2XUIDEAPAD U350 2963-2YUIDEAPAD U350 2963-46UIDEAPAD U350 2963-47UIDEAPAD U350 2963-4GUIDEAPAD U350 SERIESIDEAPAD U400 0993IDEAPAD U400 0993-28UIDEAPAD U400 0993-29UIDEAPAD U400 0993-2AUIDEAPAD U400 0993-2DUIDEAPAD U400 0993-2GUIDEAPAD U400 0993-2HUIDEAPAD U400 0993-2JUIDEAPAD U400 0993-2NUIDEAPAD U400 0993-2PUIDEAPAD U400 0993-2QUIDEAPAD U400 0993-2RUIDEAPAD U400 0993-2SUIDEAPAD U400 0993-2TUIDEAPAD U400 0993-3DUIDEAPAD U400 0993-3FUIDEAPAD U400 0993-3HUIDEAPAD U400 0993-3JUIDEAPAD U400 0993-3LUIDEAPAD U400 SERIESIDEAPAD U410 20223IDEAPAD U410 4376IDEAPAD U410 4376-22UIDEAPAD U410 4376-23UIDEAPAD U410 4376-24UIDEAPAD U410 4376-26UIDEAPAD U410 4376-29UIDEAPAD U410 4376-2BUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2CUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2FUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2GUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2HUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2JUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2PUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2UUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2VUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2WUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2YUIDEAPAD U410 4376-2ZUIDEAPAD U410 4376-83UIDEAPAD U410 4376-84UIDEAPAD U410 4376-87UIDEAPAD U410 4376-89UIDEAPAD U410 4376-8AUIDEAPAD U410 4376-8BUIDEAPAD U410 4376-8DUIDEAPAD U410 4376-8EUIDEAPAD U410 4376-8FUIDEAPAD U410 4376-8GUIDEAPAD U410 4376-8HUIDEAPAD U410 59351034IDEAPAD U410 59351625IDEAPAD U410 59351627IDEAPAD U410 59351632IDEAPAD U410 59351633IDEAPAD U410 59351634IDEAPAD U410 59351635IDEAPAD U410 59351636IDEAPAD U410 59351637IDEAPAD U410 59351638IDEAPAD U410 59359210IDEAPAD U410 59365161IDEAPAD U410 59365164IDEAPAD U410 59365166IDEAPAD U410 59365169IDEAPAD U410 59365170IDEAPAD U410 59365176IDEAPAD U410 59365177IDEAPAD U410 59365178IDEAPAD U410 59365180IDEAPAD U410 59365831IDEAPAD U410 59372331IDEAPAD U410 59372332IDEAPAD U410 59372333IDEAPAD U410 59372336IDEAPAD U410 59372338IDEAPAD U410 59372339IDEAPAD U410 59372340IDEAPAD U410 59372341IDEAPAD U410 59372342IDEAPAD U410 59372344IDEAPAD U410 59372346IDEAPAD U410 59372987IDEAPAD U410 59372988IDEAPAD U410 59372989IDEAPAD U410 59372990IDEAPAD U410 59372994IDEAPAD U410 59372995IDEAPAD U410 59372996IDEAPAD U410 59372997IDEAPAD U410 59372998IDEAPAD U410 59372999IDEAPAD U410 59373000IDEAPAD U410 SERIESIDEAPAD U430 20270IDEAPAD U430 59436098IDEAPAD U430 TOUCH SERIESIDEAPAD U430P 59393057IDEAPAD U430P 59393065IDEAPAD U430P 59393069IDEAPAD U430P 59393074IDEAPAD U430P SERIESIDEAPAD U450P 3389IDEAPAD U450P 3389-26UIDEAPAD U450P 3389-28UIDEAPAD U450P 3389-29UIDEAPAD U450P 3389-2BUIDEAPAD U450P 3389-2DUIDEAPAD U450P 3389-2EUIDEAPAD U450P 3389-2GUIDEAPAD U450P 3389-2HUIDEAPAD U450P 3389-32UIDEAPAD U450P 3389-33UIDEAPAD U450P 3389-B5JIDEAPAD U450P 3389-D5QIDEAPAD U450P M23L5UK IDEAPAD U450P SERIESIDEAPAD U460 0877IDEAPAD U460 0877-22UIDEAPAD U460 0877-23UIDEAPAD U460 0877-25UIDEAPAD U460 0877-26UIDEAPAD U460 0877-2AUIDEAPAD U460 0877-2BUIDEAPAD U460 0877-2CUIDEAPAD U460 0877-2DUIDEAPAD U460 0877-2GUIDEAPAD U460 SERIESIDEAPAD U460S 0885IDEAPAD U460S 0885-25UIDEAPAD U460S 0885-26UIDEAPAD U460S SERIESIDEAPAD U510 4941IDEAPAD U510 49412LUIDEAPAD U510 49412MUIDEAPAD U510 49412NUIDEAPAD U510 49412PUIDEAPAD U510 49413JUIDEAPAD U510 5934IDEAPAD U510 59340257IDEAPAD U510 59347423IDEAPAD U510 59347424IDEAPAD U510 59347426IDEAPAD U510 59347428IDEAPAD U510 59347624IDEAPAD U510 5935IDEAPAD U510 59355296IDEAPAD U510 59359624IDEAPAD U510 5936IDEAPAD U510 59365181IDEAPAD U510 59365182IDEAPAD U510 59365437IDEAPAD U510 5938IDEAPAD U510 59384265IDEAPAD U510 59384267IDEAPAD U510 SERIESIDEAPAD U530 20289IDEAPAD U530 59385621IDEAPAD U530 59401453IDEAPAD U530 59402346IDEAPAD U530 59402368IDEAPAD U530 59402369IDEAPAD U530 59402376IDEAPAD U530 59412272IDEAPAD U530 59427841IDEAPAD U530 59428046IDEAPAD U530 59428052IDEAPAD U530 59428053IDEAPAD U530 59428054IDEAPAD U530 59428058IDEAPAD U530 59436103IDEAPAD U530 59436104IDEAPAD U530 59440472IDEAPAD U530 59442473IDEAPAD U530 59442490IDEAPAD U530 59PNIDEAPAD U530 SERIESIDEAPAD U550 3749IDEAPAD U550 3749-54UIDEAPAD U550 3749-55UIDEAPAD U550 3749-59UIDEAPAD U550 3749-5BUIDEAPAD U550 3749-5EUIDEAPAD U550 SERIESIDEAPAD V360 SERIESIDEAPAD V370 SERIESIDEAPAD V450 SERIESIDEAPAD V460 0886IDEAPAD V460 0886-26UIDEAPAD V460 0886-27UIDEAPAD V460 0886-2MUIDEAPAD V460 0886-2NUIDEAPAD V460 0886-2PUIDEAPAD V460 SERIESIDEAPAD V470 4396IDEAPAD V470 4396-25UIDEAPAD V470 4396-26UIDEAPAD V470 4396-27UIDEAPAD V470 4396-28UIDEAPAD V470 4396-2BUIDEAPAD V470 4396-2FUIDEAPAD V470 4396-2PUIDEAPAD V470 SERIESIDEAPAD V470C SERIESIDEAPAD V560 SERIESIDEAPAD V570 1066IDEAPAD V570 1066-AAUIDEAPAD V570 1066-ABUIDEAPAD V570 1066-ACUIDEAPAD V570 1066-ADUIDEAPAD V570 1066-AEUIDEAPAD V570 1066-AJUIDEAPAD V570 1066-ANUIDEAPAD V570 1066-ARUIDEAPAD V570 1066-AXUIDEAPAD V570 1066-AZUIDEAPAD V570 1066-XB2IDEAPAD V570 SERIESIDEAPAD V570C SERIESIDEAPAD Y330 SERIESIDEAPAD Y400 5936IDEAPAD Y400 59360114IDEAPAD Y400 5937IDEAPAD Y400 59371789IDEAPAD Y400 59371795IDEAPAD Y400 59371952IDEAPAD Y400 59371954IDEAPAD Y400 59371957IDEAPAD Y400 59371958IDEAPAD Y400 9523IDEAPAD Y400 952324UIDEAPAD Y400 952325UIDEAPAD Y400 952328UIDEAPAD Y400 95232FUIDEAPAD Y400 95232HUIDEAPAD Y400 SERIESIDEAPAD Y410 SERIESIDEAPAD Y410P 59369912IDEAPAD Y410P 59369914IDEAPAD Y410P 59369916IDEAPAD Y410P 59369925IDEAPAD Y410P 59392473IDEAPAD Y410P 59392477IDEAPAD Y410P 59392482IDEAPAD Y410P 59392484IDEAPAD Y410P 59392486IDEAPAD Y410P 59392489IDEAPAD Y410P 59392571IDEAPAD Y410P 59392578IDEAPAD Y410P 59399853IDEAPAD Y410P 59399860IDEAPAD Y410P 59405095IDEAPAD Y410P SERIESIDEAPAD Y430 2781IDEAPAD Y430 2781-73UIDEAPAD Y430 2781-74UIDEAPAD Y430 2781-7AUIDEAPAD Y430 2781-82UIDEAPAD Y430 2781-83UIDEAPAD Y430 2781-84UIDEAPAD Y430 2781-86UIDEAPAD Y430 2781-87UIDEAPAD Y430 2781-89UIDEAPAD Y430 5901IDEAPAD Y430 59015954IDEAPAD Y430 59015967IDEAPAD Y430 59015974IDEAPAD Y430 59016011IDEAPAD Y430 59016751IDEAPAD Y430 59016785IDEAPAD Y430 59016838IDEAPAD Y430 59018213IDEAPAD Y430 59018214IDEAPAD Y430 59018216IDEAPAD Y430 59018800IDEAPAD Y430 59018801IDEAPAD Y430 59018804IDEAPAD Y430 SERIESIDEAPAD Y450 4189IDEAPAD Y450 4189-2AUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-2BUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-2CUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-2DUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-32UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-34UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-35UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-36UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-38UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-39UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-63UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-64UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-66UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-68UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-69UIDEAPAD Y450 4189-6AUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-6EUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-6FUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-6GUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-6HUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-6LUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-7AUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-7GUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-7HUIDEAPAD Y450 4189-7KUIDEAPAD Y450 5901IDEAPAD Y450 59019444IDEAPAD Y450 SERIESIDEAPAD Y450-3M SERIESIDEAPAD Y450A SERIESIDEAPAD Y460 0633IDEAPAD Y460 0633-23UIDEAPAD Y460 0633-33UIDEAPAD Y460 0633-34UIDEAPAD Y460 0633-35UIDEAPAD Y460 0633-37UIDEAPAD Y460 0633-38UIDEAPAD Y460 0633-42UIDEAPAD Y460 0633-44UIDEAPAD Y460 0633-46UIDEAPAD Y460 0633-47UIDEAPAD Y460 0633-4DUIDEAPAD Y460 0633-4EUIDEAPAD Y460 0633-4FUIDEAPAD Y460 0633-4GUIDEAPAD Y460 0633-4HUIDEAPAD Y460 0633-4JUIDEAPAD Y460 0633-4LUIDEAPAD Y460 SERIESIDEAPAD Y460p 4395IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-22UIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-23UIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-24UIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-25UIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-26UIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-27UIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-28UIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-29UIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-2BUIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-2CUIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-2DUIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-2EUIDEAPAD Y460p 4395-2FUIDEAPAD Y460p SERIESIDEAPAD Y470 0855IDEAPAD Y470 0855-22UIDEAPAD Y470 0855-23UIDEAPAD Y470 0855-24UIDEAPAD Y470 0855-25UIDEAPAD Y470 0855-26UIDEAPAD Y470 0855-28UIDEAPAD Y470 0855-2DUIDEAPAD Y470 0855-2EUIDEAPAD Y470 0855-2GUIDEAPAD Y470 0855-2HUIDEAPAD Y470 0855-2JUIDEAPAD Y470 0855-2KUIDEAPAD Y470 SERIESIDEAPAD Y470P 0855IDEAPAD Y470P 0855-2KUIDEAPAD Y470P 0855-2LUIDEAPAD Y470P 0855-2NUIDEAPAD Y470P SERIESIDEAPAD Y480 2093IDEAPAD Y480 2093-4EUIDEAPAD Y480 2093-4FUIDEAPAD Y480 2093-4QUIDEAPAD Y480 2093-4SUIDEAPAD Y480 2093-4XUIDEAPAD Y480 2093-4YUIDEAPAD Y480 2093-4ZUIDEAPAD Y480 2093-83UIDEAPAD Y480 2093-84UIDEAPAD Y480 2093-86UIDEAPAD Y480 2093-87UIDEAPAD Y480 2093-88UIDEAPAD Y480 2093-8RUIDEAPAD Y480 2093-8TUIDEAPAD Y480 2093-B3UIDEAPAD Y480 2093-B7UIDEAPAD Y480 SERIESIDEAPAD Y500 59356923IDEAPAD Y500 59359554IDEAPAD Y500 59359557IDEAPAD Y500 59359559IDEAPAD Y500 59359560IDEAPAD Y500 59360241IDEAPAD Y500 59360242IDEAPAD Y500 59360243IDEAPAD Y500 59360244IDEAPAD Y500 59371960IDEAPAD Y500 59371963IDEAPAD Y500 59371964IDEAPAD Y500 59371965IDEAPAD Y500 59371966IDEAPAD Y500 59371969IDEAPAD Y500 59371972IDEAPAD Y500 59371973IDEAPAD Y500 9541IDEAPAD Y500 95412SUIDEAPAD Y500 95412UUIDEAPAD Y500 95412VUIDEAPAD Y500 95412ZUIDEAPAD Y500 954135UIDEAPAD Y500 SERIESIDEAPAD Y510 15W 5901IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012693IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012696IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012697IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012698IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012779IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012889IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012891IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012924IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013046IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013272IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013333IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013478IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013613IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013615IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013678IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013679IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013680IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013765IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013769IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013779IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013782IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013791IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013885IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014491IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014632IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014633IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014807IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014810IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014834IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014835IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014866IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014867IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014898IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014899IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014900IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014903IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59015479IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2AUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2BUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2CUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2DUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2EUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2FUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3AUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3BUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3CUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3DUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3EUIDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3FUIDEAPAD Y510 SERIESIDEAPAD Y510P 59369997IDEAPAD Y510P 59369999IDEAPAD Y510P 59370001IDEAPAD Y510P 59370003IDEAPAD Y510P 59370005IDEAPAD Y510P 59370006IDEAPAD Y510P 59370007IDEAPAD Y510P 59370008IDEAPAD Y510P 59370011IDEAPAD Y510P 59370012IDEAPAD Y510P 59390950IDEAPAD Y510P 59390951IDEAPAD Y510P 59392602IDEAPAD Y510P 59392623IDEAPAD Y510P 59392637IDEAPAD Y510P 59401487IDEAPAD Y510P 59401502IDEAPAD Y510P 59401512IDEAPAD Y510P 59402100IDEAPAD Y510P 59405661IDEAPAD Y510P 59405667IDEAPAD Y510P 59405668IDEAPAD Y510P 59405673IDEAPAD Y510P 59406636IDEAPAD Y510P 59407122IDEAPAD Y510P 59410893IDEAPAD Y510P 59422938IDEAPAD Y510P SERIESIDEAPAD Y530 4051IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2AUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2BUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2NUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2PUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2QUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2RUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2SUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2TUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2UUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2WUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2XUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-2YUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-42UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-43UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-53UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-54UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-62UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-63UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-64UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-65UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-66UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-67UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-68UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-69UIDEAPAD Y530 4051-6AUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-6BUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-6CUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-6DUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-6EUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-6FUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-6GUIDEAPAD Y530 4051-6HUIDEAPAD Y530 5901IDEAPAD Y530 59015788IDEAPAD Y530 59015870IDEAPAD Y530 59015873IDEAPAD Y530 59016229IDEAPAD Y530 59016233IDEAPAD Y530 59016235IDEAPAD Y530 59016809IDEAPAD Y530 59016832IDEAPAD Y530 59017794IDEAPAD Y530 59017827IDEAPAD Y530 59017841IDEAPAD Y530 59018468IDEAPAD Y530 59018471IDEAPAD Y530 59018472IDEAPAD Y530 59018480IDEAPAD Y530 59018773IDEAPAD Y530 59018790IDEAPAD Y530 59019777IDEAPAD Y530 SERIESIDEAPAD Y550 4186IDEAPAD Y550 4186-42UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-44UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-45UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-46UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-48UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-4AUIDEAPAD Y550 4186-55UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-56UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-58UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-59UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-5BUIDEAPAD Y550 4186-5DUIDEAPAD Y550 4186-5EUIDEAPAD Y550 4186-5FUIDEAPAD Y550 4186-5GUIDEAPAD Y550 4186-5PUIDEAPAD Y550 4186-75UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-79UIDEAPAD Y550 4186-7CUIDEAPAD Y550 4186-CTOIDEAPAD Y550 SERIESIDEAPAD Y550P 3241IDEAPAD Y550P 3241-56UIDEAPAD Y550P 3241-58UIDEAPAD Y550P 3241-62UIDEAPAD Y550P 3241-64UIDEAPAD Y550P SERIESIDEAPAD Y560 0646IDEAPAD Y560 0646-22UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-23UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-26UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-27UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-28UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-2AUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-2EUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-2HUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-2MUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-2QUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-2YUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-52UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-53UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-54UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-55UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-56UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-58UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-59UIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5AUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5BUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5CUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5DUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5EUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5GUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5HUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5JUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5KUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5LUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5NUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5RUIDEAPAD Y560 0646-5UUIDEAPAD Y560 SERIESIDEAPAD Y560D 0646IDEAPAD Y560D 0646-2KUIDEAPAD Y560D 0646-2NUIDEAPAD Y560D 0646-57UIDEAPAD Y560D SERIESIDEAPAD Y560P 4397IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-22UIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-23UIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-24UIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-25UIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-26UIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-27UIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-28UIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-29UIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-2DUIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-2EUIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-2FUIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-2GUIDEAPAD Y560P 4397-2HUIDEAPAD Y560P SERIESIDEAPAD Y570 0862IDEAPAD Y570 0862-24UIDEAPAD Y570 0862-25UIDEAPAD Y570 0862-26UIDEAPAD Y570 0862-27UIDEAPAD Y570 0862-28UIDEAPAD Y570 0862-29UIDEAPAD Y570 0862-2JUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-2KUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-2LUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-2MUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-2RUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-2UUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-2VUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-2WUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-2ZUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-3TUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-62UIDEAPAD Y570 0862-64UIDEAPAD Y570 0862-68UIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6AUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6FUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6HUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6JUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6KUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6LUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6MUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6PUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6QUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6RUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6SUIDEAPAD Y570 0862-6TUIDEAPAD Y570 SERIESIDEAPAD Y580 20132IDEAPAD Y580 2099IDEAPAD Y580 2099-3BUIDEAPAD Y580 2099-3FUIDEAPAD Y580 2099-43UIDEAPAD Y580 2099-46UIDEAPAD Y580 2099-48UIDEAPAD Y580 2099-4CUIDEAPAD Y580 2099-4EUIDEAPAD Y580 2099-4MUIDEAPAD Y580 2099-4RUIDEAPAD Y580 2099-8NUIDEAPAD Y580 209942UIDEAPAD Y580 209945UIDEAPAD Y580 20994BUIDEAPAD Y580 20994HUIDEAPAD Y580 20994NUIDEAPAD Y580 20994PUIDEAPAD Y580 59332488IDEAPAD Y580 59345715IDEAPAD Y580 59345717IDEAPAD Y580 59353259IDEAPAD Y580 59353260IDEAPAD Y580 59359510IDEAPAD Y580 59359513IDEAPAD Y580 SERIESIDEAPAD Y650 4185IDEAPAD Y650 4185-34UIDEAPAD Y650 4185-36UIDEAPAD Y650 4185-37UIDEAPAD Y650 4185-55UIDEAPAD Y650 4185-56UIDEAPAD Y650 4185-57UIDEAPAD Y650 4185-75UIDEAPAD Y650 5901IDEAPAD Y650 59018999IDEAPAD Y650 59019001IDEAPAD Y650 SERIESIDEAPAD Y700 (14 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD Y700 (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD Y700 (17 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD Y700 80NU SERIESIDEAPAD Y700 80NU0000USIDEAPAD Y700 80NU0001USIDEAPAD Y700 80NU0004USIDEAPAD Y700 80NU000SUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NU000TUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NU000UUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NU000VUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NU000WUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NU000YCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NU0010CFIDEAPAD Y700 80NU001XCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NU001YCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NU0020CFIDEAPAD Y700 80NU0029USIDEAPAD Y700 80NU002AUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV SERIESIDEAPAD Y700 80NV004PUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005CUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005DUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005EUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005FUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005GUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005JUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005LUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005NUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005SCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005TCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005UCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005VCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005WCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV005XCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV0061CFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV0063CFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV0064CFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV00PWUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV00Q7USIDEAPAD Y700 80NV00QTUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NV00S3CFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV00S4CFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV00S6CFIDEAPAD Y700 80NV00W6USIDEAPAD Y700 80NW SERIESIDEAPAD Y700 80NW0004USIDEAPAD Y700 80NW000XUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NW000YUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NW0010USIDEAPAD Y700 80NW0013USIDEAPAD Y700 80NW0015USIDEAPAD Y700 80NW0017USIDEAPAD Y700 80NW0019CFIDEAPAD Y700 80NW001ACFIDEAPAD Y700 80NW001DUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NW001EUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NW001LCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NW002DUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NW002RUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NW002SUSIDEAPAD Y700 80NW002UCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NW002WCFIDEAPAD Y700 80NW0035USIDEAPAD Y700 80NY SERIESIDEAPAD Y700 80NY0007USIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0 SERIESIDEAPAD Y700 80Q00003USIDEAPAD Y700 80Q00010USIDEAPAD Y700 80Q00011USIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0001LUSIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0001MUSIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0001NUSIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0001PUSIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0007ACFIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0007BCFIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0007CCFIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0008VUSIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0008WUSIDEAPAD Y700 80Q0009YCFIDEAPAD Y700 80Q000A0CFIDEAPAD Y700 80Q000A1CFIDEAPAD Y700 80Q000A2CFIDEAPAD Y700 TOUCH (15 inch) SERIESIDEAPAD Y700 TOUCH-15ISKIDEAPAD Y700-14ISKIDEAPAD Y700-15ACZIDEAPAD Y700-15ISKIDEAPAD Y700-17ISKIDEAPAD Y710 17W IDEAPAD Y710 17W 5901IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59012816IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59012817IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59013334IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59013620IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59013729IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59013785IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59013787IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59014756IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59014832IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59014906IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59014927IDEAPAD Y710 4054IDEAPAD Y710 4054-2AUIDEAPAD Y710 4054-2BUIDEAPAD Y710 4054-2CUIDEAPAD Y710 4054-2DUIDEAPAD Y710 SERIESIDEAPAD Y730 4053IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2AUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2BUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2CUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2DUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2EUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2FUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2GUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2HUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2JUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2LUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2MUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2NUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-2QUIDEAPAD Y730 4053-32UIDEAPAD Y730 4053-33UIDEAPAD Y730 4053-34UIDEAPAD Y730 4053-35UIDEAPAD Y730 5901IDEAPAD Y730 59016437IDEAPAD Y730 59016609IDEAPAD Y730 59016615IDEAPAD Y730 59016620IDEAPAD Y730 59016799IDEAPAD Y730 59016821IDEAPAD Y730 SERIESIDEAPAD Y900 80Q1 SERIESIDEAPAD Y900 80Q1000DGEIDEAPAD Y900 80Q1000EUSIDEAPAD Y900 80Q1002FHVIDEAPAD Y900 80Q1004HUSIDEAPAD Y900 80Q1004JUSIDEAPAD Y900 SERIESIDEAPAD Y900-17ISKIDEAPAD Y910 80V1 SERIESIDEAPAD Y910 80V10018MIDEAPAD Y910 80V1001UMXIDEAPAD Y910 SERIESIDEAPAD Y910-17ISKIDEAPAD YOGA 11 2696IDEAPAD YOGA 11 26962BUIDEAPAD YOGA 11 26962CUIDEAPAD YOGA 11 5934IDEAPAD YOGA 11 59342980IDEAPAD YOGA 11 5937IDEAPAD YOGA 11 59370513IDEAPAD YOGA 11 59370515IDEAPAD YOGA 11 59370531IDEAPAD YOGA 11 SERIESIDEAPAD YOGA 11S 5937IDEAPAD YOGA 11S 59370520IDEAPAD YOGA 11S 59370526IDEAPAD YOGA 11S SERIESIDEAPAD YOGA 13 20175IDEAPAD YOGA 13 2191IDEAPAD YOGA 13 21912XUIDEAPAD YOGA 13 219133UIDEAPAD YOGA 13 219135UIDEAPAD YOGA 13 59340248IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59343896IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59343897IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59343898IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59343899IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59355467IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59359494IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59359564IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59359567IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59359568IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366347IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366348IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366350IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366353IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366355IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366357IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366358IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366359IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366360IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366361IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366362IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366363IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366628IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59367091IDEAPAD YOGA 13 SERIESIDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 20332IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 20428IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416640IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416642IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416644IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416645IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416647IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416652IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416657IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416659IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416663IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416664IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416665IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416667IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59417913IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 SERIESIDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 20266IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394168IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394170IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394172IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394173IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394174IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394176IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394178IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394180IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394186IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394187IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394191IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59409363 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59409374 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59409376 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428026IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428027IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428028IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428029IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428030IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428032IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428033IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428034IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428035IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428036IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428037IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428038IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428039IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428040IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428042IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO SERIESIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 1370IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE SERIESIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE000HUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE000KCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE000LUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE000NCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE0043USIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE0047USIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE0048USIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE0049USIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE004ECFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE004FCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE004GCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00FVUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00FXUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00FYUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G1USIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G2USIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G4USIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G5CFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G7CFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G8CFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00GACFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00GBCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00GDCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010EUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010FUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010GUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010HUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010JUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010KUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010NCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010PCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010QCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010RCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010SCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010VCFIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE011XUSIDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO SERIESIDEAPAD Z360 0912IDEAPAD Z360 0912-32UIDEAPAD Z360 0912-33UIDEAPAD Z360 0912-34UIDEAPAD Z360 0912-35UIDEAPAD Z360 0912-36UIDEAPAD Z360 0912-37UIDEAPAD Z360 0912-38UIDEAPAD Z360 SERIESIDEAPAD Z370 1025IDEAPAD Z370 1025-22UIDEAPAD Z370 1025-23UIDEAPAD Z370 1025-24UIDEAPAD Z370 1025-25UIDEAPAD Z370 1025-26UIDEAPAD Z370 1025-27UIDEAPAD Z370 1025-2DUIDEAPAD Z370 1025-2EUIDEAPAD Z370 1025-2UUIDEAPAD Z370 1025-2VUIDEAPAD Z370 1025-78UIDEAPAD Z370 1025-AEUIDEAPAD Z370 SERIESIDEAPAD Z380 2129IDEAPAD Z380 2129-32UIDEAPAD Z380 2129-33UIDEAPAD Z380 2129-34UIDEAPAD Z380 2129-35UIDEAPAD Z380 2129-38UIDEAPAD Z380 2129-39UIDEAPAD Z380 2129-3BUIDEAPAD Z380 2129-3CUIDEAPAD Z380 2129-3DUIDEAPAD Z380 2129-3HUIDEAPAD Z380 2129-3JUIDEAPAD Z380 2129-44UIDEAPAD Z380 2129-45UIDEAPAD Z380 2129-46UIDEAPAD Z380 2129-48UIDEAPAD Z380 SERIESIDEAPAD Z400 59354520IDEAPAD Z400 59361316IDEAPAD Z400 59362573IDEAPAD Z400 59362575IDEAPAD Z400 59362578IDEAPAD Z400 59362583IDEAPAD Z400 59365072IDEAPAD Z400 59365073IDEAPAD Z400 59365075IDEAPAD Z400 59365076IDEAPAD Z400 59365077IDEAPAD Z400 SERIESIDEAPAD Z410 59402591IDEAPAD Z410 59402592IDEAPAD Z410 59402595IDEAPAD Z410 59402601IDEAPAD Z410 59402602IDEAPAD Z410 59402603IDEAPAD Z410 SERIESIDEAPAD Z460 0913IDEAPAD Z460 0913-32UIDEAPAD Z460 SERIESIDEAPAD Z465 4309IDEAPAD Z465 SERIESIDEAPAD Z470 1022IDEAPAD Z470 1022-45UIDEAPAD Z470 1022-46UIDEAPAD Z470 1022-47UIDEAPAD Z470 1022-49UIDEAPAD Z470 1022-4AUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-4BUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-4LUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-4MUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-4NUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-4QUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-4RUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-4SUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-59UIDEAPAD Z470 1022-5BUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-5CUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-5DUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-5EUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-5LUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-5MUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-5QUIDEAPAD Z470 1022-5ZUIDEAPAD Z470 59-069325IDEAPAD Z470 59-302529IDEAPAD Z470 59-302552IDEAPAD Z470 59-304782IDEAPAD Z470 59-304784IDEAPAD Z470 59-304785IDEAPAD Z470 59-306695IDEAPAD Z470 59-321585IDEAPAD Z470 59-321587IDEAPAD Z470 SERIESIDEAPAD Z475 59318429IDEAPAD Z475 SERIESIDEAPAD Z480 2148IDEAPAD Z480 2148-35UIDEAPAD Z480 2148-36UIDEAPAD Z480 2148-3BUIDEAPAD Z480 2148-3EUIDEAPAD Z480 2148-3FUIDEAPAD Z480 2148-3HUIDEAPAD Z480 2148-46UIDEAPAD Z480 2148-4AUIDEAPAD Z480 2148-4BUIDEAPAD Z480 2148-4CUIDEAPAD Z480 2148-4NUIDEAPAD Z480 SERIESIDEAPAD Z485 SERIESIDEAPAD Z50-75 80EC SERIESIDEAPAD Z50-75 80EC00GKUSIDEAPAD Z50-75 80EC00KXUSIDEAPAD Z50-75 SERIESIDEAPAD Z500 20202IDEAPAD Z500 5931IDEAPAD Z500 593122UIDEAPAD Z500 593124UIDEAPAD Z500 593126UIDEAPAD Z500 593127UIDEAPAD Z500 59361311IDEAPAD Z500 59361813IDEAPAD Z500 59361820IDEAPAD Z500 59372431IDEAPAD Z500 59372433IDEAPAD Z500 59372434IDEAPAD Z500 59372436IDEAPAD Z500 59372438IDEAPAD Z500 59372439IDEAPAD Z500 59377370IDEAPAD Z500 SERIESIDEAPAD Z510 59400168IDEAPAD Z510 59400176IDEAPAD Z510 59400178IDEAPAD Z510 59400180IDEAPAD Z510 59400181IDEAPAD Z510 59400184IDEAPAD Z510 59400189IDEAPAD Z510 59400191IDEAPAD Z510 59400192IDEAPAD Z510 59400193IDEAPAD Z510 59400195IDEAPAD Z510 59400196IDEAPAD Z510 59400197IDEAPAD Z510 59400198IDEAPAD Z510 59400199IDEAPAD Z510 59421665IDEAPAD Z510 SERIESIDEAPAD Z510 TOUCH SERIESIDEAPAD Z560 0914IDEAPAD Z560 0914-32UIDEAPAD Z560 0914-33UIDEAPAD Z560 0914-37UIDEAPAD Z560 0914-38UIDEAPAD Z560 0914-39UIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3AUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3BUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3DUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3EUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3HUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3JUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3KUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3LUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3MUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3NUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3PUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3YUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-3ZUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-43UIDEAPAD Z560 0914-46UIDEAPAD Z560 0914-48UIDEAPAD Z560 0914-4DUIDEAPAD Z560 0914-4EUIDEAPAD Z560 SERIESIDEAPAD Z565 4311IDEAPAD Z565 4311-34UIDEAPAD Z565 4311-35UIDEAPAD Z565 4311-36UIDEAPAD Z565 4311-37UIDEAPAD Z565 4311-3CUIDEAPAD Z565 4311-3DUIDEAPAD Z565 4311-3HUIDEAPAD Z565 4311-3JUIDEAPAD Z565 SERIESIDEAPAD Z570 1024IDEAPAD Z570 1024-32UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-33UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-34UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-36UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-3JUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-3SUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-3WUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-3ZUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-94UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-95UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-96UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-97UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-98UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-9GUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-9HUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-9JUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-9LUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-9MUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-9QUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-9RUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-9UUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-A3UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-A6UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-AFUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-AKUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-ALUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-AMUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-ASUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-AVUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-D9UIDEAPAD Z570 1024-DAUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-DCUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-DDUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-DEUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-DHUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-DJUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-DKUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-DNUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-DQUIDEAPAD Z570 1024-E2GIDEAPAD Z570 SERIESIDEAPAD Z575 1299IDEAPAD Z575 1299-22UIDEAPAD Z575 1299-25UIDEAPAD Z575 1299-27UIDEAPAD Z575 1299-29UIDEAPAD Z575 1299-2DUIDEAPAD Z575 1299-2JUIDEAPAD Z575 1299-2KUIDEAPAD Z575 1299-2QUIDEAPAD Z575 1299-32UIDEAPAD Z575 1299-33UIDEAPAD Z575 1299-34UIDEAPAD Z575 1299-36UIDEAPAD Z575 1299-37UIDEAPAD Z575 1299-92JIDEAPAD Z575 1299-95JIDEAPAD Z575 1299-96JIDEAPAD Z575 1299-XB6IDEAPAD Z575 1299-XF7IDEAPAD Z575 M75D5GEIDEAPAD Z575 M75DKUKIDEAPAD Z575 SERIESIDEAPAD Z580 20135IDEAPAD Z580 2151IDEAPAD Z580 2151-23UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-24UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-26UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-27UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-28UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-29UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-2MUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-34UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-35UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-37UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-3FUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-3JUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-4AUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-4CUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-4DUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-4EUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-4FUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-4JUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-63UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-64UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-65UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-67UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-68UIDEAPAD Z580 2151-6EUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-6HUIDEAPAD Z580 2151-D2GIDEAPAD Z580 2151-DKGIDEAPAD Z580 2151-DNGIDEAPAD Z580 2151-HKGIDEAPAD Z580 2151-JRGIDEAPAD Z580 2151-KAGIDEAPAD Z580 2151-KHGIDEAPAD Z580 5934IDEAPAD Z580 59345242IDEAPAD Z580 59345245IDEAPAD Z580 59345246IDEAPAD Z580 59345249IDEAPAD Z580 59345252IDEAPAD Z580 59345254IDEAPAD Z580 59347636IDEAPAD Z580 5935IDEAPAD Z580 59350984IDEAPAD Z580 59352501IDEAPAD Z580 59358459IDEAPAD Z580 5936IDEAPAD Z580 59365428IDEAPAD Z580 5937IDEAPAD Z580 59371483IDEAPAD Z580 59371490IDEAPAD Z580 59371492IDEAPAD Z580 59371494IDEAPAD Z580 M81D2UKIDEAPAD Z580 M81DKMXIDEAPAD Z580 M81FAGEIDEAPAD Z580 SERIESIDEAPAD Z585 2617IDEAPAD Z585 2617-24UIDEAPAD Z585 2617-28UIDEAPAD Z585 2617-29UIDEAPAD Z585 5934IDEAPAD Z585 59345305IDEAPAD Z585 59345307IDEAPAD Z585 59345759IDEAPAD Z585 5936IDEAPAD Z585 59361463IDEAPAD Z585 SERIESIDEAPAD Z710 20250IDEAPAD Z710 59387520IDEAPAD Z710 59387522IDEAPAD Z710 59392247IDEAPAD Z710 59400467IDEAPAD Z710 59400485IDEAPAD Z710 59400486IDEAPAD Z710 59400487IDEAPAD Z710 59400493IDEAPAD Z710 59421370IDEAPAD Z710 59434383IDEAPAD Z710 59434384IDEAPAD Z710 59436366IDEAPAD Z710 59436369IDEAPAD Z710 SERIES

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