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    General Questions
  1. What is a new screen? What comes with the new screen?
  2. How do you get your prices so low?
  3. What is a Compatible screen?
  4. Resolution upgrade or downgrade. Upgrade to LED laptop screen (impossible).
  5. Quality of Our LCD Screens.
  6. How to Place an Order?
  7. How to select. Size, Resolution, Backlight, Matte or Glossy
  8. How to find Apple notebook screen model.
  9. How to select correct laptop screen.
  10. Matte and Glossy laptop screens. Which one to choose?
  11. Screen backlight type. How to find which one is in your laptop.
  12. Notebook screen Size. How to measure?
  13. How To Find Screen Resolution.
  14. How to find your laptop screen model number?
  15. How laptop manufacturers call their glossy screens.
  16. How to find your laptop model number.
  17. Can't find your screen?
  18. Payment and order status
  19. Acceptable Payment Methods.
  20. Understanding Wire Transfer.
  21. I just paid for a screen, but the order status hasn't changed, what can I do?
  22. Payment by Credit Card
  23. I tried to pay for the order and connection was lost between PayPal and your server. What can I do?
  24. I have already paid through PayPal, have you received the payment?
  25. I have already paid by bank Wire Transfer, have you received the payment?
  26. I have already paid by Email Money Transfer, have you received the payment?
  27. I have ordered the same screen twice by mistake. Please, tell me what to do next as I only want one screen.
  28. Paying with PayPal.
  29. Paying with Wire Transfer.
  30. Payment with eMail Money Transfer (available for Canadian Customers).
  31. I submitted the order, but did not pay. Do I need to submit a new order?
  32. How should I print and modify my receipt and invoice?
  33. Account to Account Online Money Transfer - for RBC Royal Bank Customers ONLY.
  34. The order was placed by mistake. How can I cancel it?
  35. Any other questions regarding your order.
  36. Shipping options, Tracking, What to expect
  37. Local taxes and customs duties.
  38. Shipping within Canada.
  39. Shipping to USA.
  40. International Shipping.
  41. Canada Post tracking information explained. How to track your package with Canada Post.
  42. How do I get my tracking Information?
  43. I want my order to be shipped to a different address.
  44. Shipping with UPS: methods of shipping explained.
  45. Delays in shipping.
  46. Shipping using courier account of the customer.
  47. Format for scheduled delivery date on UPS website.
  48. Warranty, Return and Exchange
  49. Warranty Policy.
  50. Returns, RMA, Exchange.
  51. Return Policy:
  52. We reserve the right to refuse any returned screen if:
  53. Dead Pixels Policy.
  54. The warranty does not cover cracked screens, if the damage is reported past 5 days after receiving the screen. Submitting pictures to us.
  55. New screen does not work. What should I do?
  56. If the package looks damaged upon arrival and the screen is cracked.
  57. How to create a support ticket.
  58. How to properly package a screen.
  59. Warranty Barcode
  60. Accidental Damage Protection
  61. Screen Installation, Troubleshooting, Repair Tips
  62. Removal of screen mounting brackets.
  63. Swapping Inverters for Dell laptops.
  64. Screen installation. General Instructions.
  65. Simple troubleshooting of most common screen issues.
  66. How to disconnect video cable. How to connect video cables for Dell laptops.
  67. 13.3-inch screens with 20-pin cable. Image distortion.
  68. How to optimize a laptop screen for outdoor use.
  69. How to fix a scratch on the screen.
  70. How to clean a laptop screen with household products.
  71. Additional small connector on the LCD.
  72. Sales Questions
  73. New suppliers are welcome!
  74. Quantity discounts for large purchases and continuous customers.

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